The reason why Ester Expósito exploded against China Suárez was known: he called Nicolás Furtado again

Nico Furtado, China Suárez and Ester Exposito
Nico Furtado, China Suárez and Ester Exposito

The China Suárez had an affair with Nico Furtado, but the relationship did not prosper and the actor began dating Ester Exposito. The couple already whitewashed the courtship through social networks when the Spanish actress published a selfie with the protagonist of The Marginal at a Halloween celebration a few weeks ago.

In the midst of this context, a new scandal emerged. The journalist Karina Iavícoli revealed why the interpreter of Elite he got mad at Suarez. “Eugenia called Nico back. In this period. But he wants to make things right with Esther, so he told her.. He whitewashed him, as a vote of confidence … “, he explained in the program Intruders (America).

In addition, the panelist gave details of the conversation that the actors had: “She called him to claim some things. She is angry and feels that he should have thrown a spear for her. On the other hand, I learned that you feel the same about Benjamin Vicuña. She feels that she was left alone and that no one banked her ”. Then, he added: “She called Nico back to say ‘skinny, I didn’t like what happened,’ because no one came out to defend her.”

Previously, Ester had had a reaction against China on social media: she put a like to a publication of Paparazzi explaining the reason why the former Almost angels he earned the nickname “husbands robber.” The journalist Vicky Braier, better known as Juariu, found this “pearl” that revealed Exposito’s bad vibes with Suárez.

The story between China Suárez and Nico Furtado:

Shortly after her separation from Benjamín Vicuña, China traveled to Spain for work with her children Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio. His days in Madrid alternated filming with walks, until he exploded the scandal between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi in which she was singled out as third in contention.

Immediately the rumors assured that the actress was having an informal relationship with Furtado, who is working in Spain. An image of them even appeared in a bar with friends in Italy. However, as soon as this news emerged, the Uruguayan actor released Suárez’s hand and shared photos of Ester Exposito.

In this way, Nico is enjoying his relationship with Ester, the 21-year-old actress who worked in various fictions, among which are Medical Center (2016), Vis a vis (2016-1028) and I am alive (2017). World fame came when she played Carla Rosón Caleruega in the series Elite (2018) and Cayetana Aldama in Someone has to die (2020).

Previously, the actor was in a relationship for approximately three years with Josefina Presno. In dialogue with Teleshow the young Uruguayan model clarified what was the situation between them. “The truth is that I have nothing to say. With Nico we have been separated for a long time, he was not unfaithful to me and absolutely nothing bad happened between us. He is a great person and extremely respectful, he would be incapable of doing such a thing. Luckily we have a beautiful relationship, we love each other very much and it will always be like that, “he said.


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The reason why Ester Expósito exploded against China Suárez was known: he called Nicolás Furtado again