The reason why Kim Cattrall is silent on the Chris Noth scandal

Since last December it was released ‘And Just Like That’, the long-awaited reboot of the series ‘Sex and the City’, the news about fiction has not stopped happening. And not precisely because of the success of it or its plot, which has passed without pain or glory on the internet – except for This death-, but due to the sauces that have germinated in the distribution of it. If at first he did not stop talking about Kim Cattrall, an actress who plays Samantha Jones in fiction and who I would have declined to participate in this new project, shortly after the premiere the controversy fell on Chris Noth, Mr. Big in the series, which was surprisingly accused by a couple of women of sexual abuse. As of today, having passed a couple of weeks since the news broke, the number of women who have raised their voices to accuse him is already four.

As it is, the female cast of ‘And Just Like That’, led by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, they issued a statement in which they affirmed to support these testimonies and to dissociate themselves completely from this terrifying story: “We are deeply saddened to hear the accusations against Chris Noth. We support women who have come forward and shared their painful experiences. We know that it must be something very difficult to do and we congratulate them for it ”. Later we knew that Parker was especially affected by this episode that involves your partner in fiction. “She takes the power that comes with being Carrie Bradshaw very seriously. A great power that comes with great responsibility and, although SJP knows that it is about him, not her, he feels that he has let everyone down ”. And who has not yet spoken is Cattrall who, despite not being in the new HBO Max series, shared shoots with Noth for a decade.

Chris Noth, alongside the female cast of'Sex and the City', in a file photo

Chris Noth, alongside the female cast of ‘Sex and the City’, in a file photo.

Kevin.Mazur / INACTIVEGetty Images

His silence, deliberate

According to the medium ‘US Weekly’ A source close to the interpreter, she does not intend to pronounce about this scandal or the series in which she has decided not to participate:

“Kim is not going to talk about the Chris Noth accusations. He’s not even going to talk about ‘And Just Like That’. He is happier than ever, his life is now free of any drama and he does not regret having refused to be part of the ‘reboot’.

That is to say, because it is not news again – something that inevitably is from time to time due to the series -, it is not going to raise its voice regarding the matter of Noth. Of course, he did speak about Cattrall recently in order to defend Parker: “I don’t know what [Kim] think or feel, but what I can tell you is that what he says about Parker is not real “, and added:” I am very protective of Sarah Jessica and therefore I didn’t like all the bad things that Kim said about her”. It seems that this drama, outside the cameras and the script, still has a while.

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The reason why Kim Cattrall is silent on the Chris Noth scandal