The reasons and the date of return of China Suárez to Argentina, after the scandal with Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

China Suarez

“We want the best for the family that we are and will continue to be. Today that leads us to take a new path separated as a couple, but with love and always united by our children “, surprised Benjamin Vicuña on August 20 by announcing through social networks his break with the mother of his children Magnolia and Amancio, Eugenia la China Suárez. Two months later nothing else much water seems to have run under the bridge and after having traveled to Spain after the love breakup and after the scandal he enterede Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi in which she is designated as the third in discord, the former Casi Ángeles begins to return to Buenos Aires.

After that announcement by the Chilean actor, the actress moved with her children Rufina as a result of her relationship with Nicolás Cabré and the two youngest ones, to a house in Pilar that she bought and remodeled, but he was immediately surprised by announcing that he would travel to Spain. Although it seemed to have to do with the separation, it later emerged that he was actually going to the old continent to shoot a movie with one of the actors from La casa de papel.

It was like this September found her in Madrid with her chicks, as she affectionately calls her boys, and with her mother who helps her take care of the children while she works. Almost two months later and the filming finished, next week the family will take a plane back to Argentina, as planned. In addition, her eldest daughter Rufina would be missing her father a lot, whom she has not seen since before leaving.

Benjamín Vicuña with Magnolia in Spain
Benjamín Vicuña with Magnolia in Spain

Different is the case of the two youngest who received a visit from their father three weeks ago, Benjamín Vicuña who was a special guest at the Platinum Awards and stayed a few more days to be with the boys. He could even be present on one of the most important days in Amancio, one year and three months old, when the baby learned to walk.

After the scandal, it was also said that Eugenia is in an informal relationship with the actor Nicolás Furtado, who coincidentally is working in Spain and within the framework of the Platinum awards had joined Vicuña to play football. After the Uruguayan was mentioned, his ex-girlfriend broke the silence in dialogue with Teleshow and assured that they were separated for a while and that there was no infidelity.

Last week the actress ended her work commitments as established, not because of the scandal, and she will be back. “A source told me that China does not care about this situation, it is not suffering. He is enjoying himself, he has journalistic guards, he did not drop any work. She plans to return to Argentina next week, because she has more work and her daughter Rufina misses her father, ”said Yanina Latorre in Los Angeles in the morning.

The panelist was the one who a few days ago released a fragment of the alleged talk that the actress would have had with the PSG player. “Someday we have to get out of the fuck you and me. Somewhere in the world where they don’t know you, hahaha “, wrote China in one of the messages that Wanda discovered from her husband on Telegram. “So that? I was bored with the fuck ”, Icardi replied to said conversation.

In the last hours and while the footballer tries to show that everything is fine, Latorre assured that “Wanda Nara is closer to divorce than to settle with Mauro Icardi.”


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The reasons and the date of return of China Suárez to Argentina, after the scandal with Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi