The resounding change of look of Stefi Roitman that was approved by his followers

Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner's wedding is coming up and the model is already preparing her best look (Photo: @stefroitman @erickfernandoq)
Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner’s wedding is coming up and the model is already preparing her best look (Photo: @stefroitman @erickfernandoq)

With more than three million followers, the model e influencer Stefi roitman it is always news. Either for a campaign or for any activity that she carries out around the world accompanying her boyfriend and future husband, Ricky montaner or the details of the life they share in their Miami residence.

But the truth is that every step he takes, he shares it in his networks with that community that celebrates everything. And for a few months when the singer proposed to him in front of his whole family, also It is part of their daily posts to show the news and the progress of the organization of that wedding that will be in January 2022.

The young woman told a few months ago that they have already chosen the destination where they will say “yes, I do”, and he anticipated some details about the big day. “The dress is in process, in realization you could say”, He expressed. And he clarified that he chose a young Argentine designer to make his most special outfit. He also said that he had already tested the catering: “The best, the most beautiful thing was the tasting, we did it with my parents, with my in-laws and with Ricky, we were all trying the dishes.”

Regarding the location, he revealed that the wedding will be in Miami, but they have not yet defined the exact place: “Here the rain can play a trick on you, so we are looking at where to do it, we have not reserved it yet and there is little left, it we know”. He also confirmed that there will be several familiar faces at the celebration, and they will have to travel to the North American city to attend. In this sense, in previous notes he had named several of his famous friends: Marc Anthony, Sebastián Yatra, Manuel Turizo, Lali Espósito, and Tini Stoessel.

Stefi Roitman's bachelorette party in Buenos Aires
Stefi Roitman’s bachelorette party in Buenos Aires

With everything decorated for the occasion, her closest friends already organized her bachelorette party in Buenos Aires, taking advantage of Stefi I was in the country working as a digital host in The Argentine voice. Dressed in bright black police caps, tops and skirts, they welcomed her on a large terrace of an apartment. The protagonist, how could it be otherwise, stood out wearing a look total white: short dress with a lot of tulle, pretending to be a bride.

Now it was her turn to try new hairstyles and colors in her hair, it was then that she surprised her followers with a resounding change. For some time now, she opted for very short hair and bangs with her classic blonde tone. However, in the last few hours, he uploaded a post with a makeover for a photo production: extensions, waves and some highlights. The very flattering result.

Stefi Roitman's change of look (photo: @stefroitman)
Stefi Roitman’s change of look (photo: @stefroitman)
Straight hair with highlights (photo: @stefroitman)
Straight hair with highlights (photo: @stefroitman)

The flattering comments kept adding: “Long life, it looks beautiful”; “Long hair looks much better on you, leave it like that”; “For God’s sake, I’ll go back to long hair, I ask you please” and suggestions that she adopt that look for her wedding celebration. What will it finally do? You still have two months to think about it.

The young woman who usually follows all fashion trends, made the news a few weeks ago in the final of the singing reality show when she chose a dress with shoulder pads for the last gala, galactic-looking. Soon memes mocking the election rained down. At that time, the universe of the networks was not as generous as with her hair and they compared her dress with a fanny pack, with a spaceship and even with a pencil case. Far from getting angry, she took it with grace and uploaded videos with her boyfriend who also made jokes: “She needs a shot by herself because there is no room for anyone else in the shot with those shoulder pads,” said the singer while laughing and hugging her .

User memes
User memes


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The resounding change of look of Stefi Roitman that was approved by his followers