The revealing email to Wanda Nara about the details of the alleged meeting between China Suárez and Mauro Icardi

China Suárez and Mauro Icardi

“The possibility arises that Zaira’s husband has been an accomplice of these posts (between Mauro Icardi and China Suárez) and they also suspect that there may have been an encounter there. He would have been an accomplice, he covered him as a brother-in-law, and they both suspected this”Amalia Granata assured a few days ago. Immediately Marcelo Polino, a close friend of the actress, retorted: “I will sign that for you, there was no meeting.”

While the protagonists continue to be silent, Yanina Latorre revealed that Wanda received emails from a friend of the former Casi Ángeles who not only assured her that the alleged lovers had met, but even told him details of how it was.

According to the panelist of The angels of the morning, the email referred to un meeting and then the businesswoman was able to speak by phone with the sender who told her that you had been Icardi who would have bought her friend the tickets to go to Paris.

According to Yanina Latorre in The angels of the morning, A friend from China Suarez would have sent Wanda an email to tell her the details of the face-to-face meeting between the player and Eugenia. This person also called her, and acknowledged that it was Icardi who bought the tickets for the young woman and who met in a hotel in the city of lights.

Wanda and Zaira Nara in Milan
Wanda and Zaira Nara in Milan

This would have happened the weekend Wanda traveled to Milan with Zaira to enjoy Fashion Week. That is why many point to Jakob von Plessen as an alleged accomplice of his brother-in-law, since he would stay in Paris with him to care for the children of the couples (Valentino, Constantino, Benedict, Francesca, Isabella, Malaika and Viggo) while the sisters enjoyed a getaway alone.

In dialogue with Paparazzi, close to Zaira and her partner said that “they are not going to separate but the weekend had a bad time ”. “She is in a very important crisis with her husband because of what happened with Mauro Icardi. He can’t believe he’s gotten in there ”, detailed.

In the last hours and when the waters seemed to calm down after she announced the reconciliation with Mauro, Wanda returned to travel alone to Italy, rekindling the rumors of crisis and, according to Yanina Latorre, they could be due to this information that reached her his mailbox by relatives of the actress who is now in Buenos Aires, after having spent almost two months in Madrid filming a movie.

Also, according to Latorre, after the scandal Suárez and Icardi would have had contact again. According to the panelist, it was Benjamin Vicuña’s ex who wrote the footballer again and it would have been for that reason that he at one point closed his social networks. “He wrote to her on Instagram, that’s why Mauro closed the account. Wanda didn’t force him, it was his decision. At the time, it all started on Instagram, they went to Whatstapp and China recommended that it was better to speak on Telegram, because it is a more secure network. Mauro had the function of deleting everything after 5 minutes of talk but it is seen that a part forgot to configure it or wanted it to be seen because it would show it to someone “, explained the little angel who on Monday had a strong telephone conversation with the actress, angry because he tried to “Steal husbands.”

In addition, he explained that it is someone from the environment of Rufina’s mother, Magonolia and Amancio who passes information to the former Skating regarding the talks of the Rosario and the actress. “Emails with a lot of detail began to reach him, the kind that only China and Icardi can know ”.


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The revealing email to Wanda Nara about the details of the alleged meeting between China Suárez and Mauro Icardi