The revelations of the ex-secretary of Meghan Markle that do not leave her in a good place

The story comes from behind: Meghan Markle in 2018 he sent a letter to his father, Thomas markle, where he opens the channel and asks him to stop talking and lying to the media about the relationship between the two. That letter was leaked shortly after to the press, specifically the ‘Mail on Sunday’. Meghan then decides to sue the newspaper for spreading intimate and personal information.

In February of this 2021, and after a time of judicial battle, the duchess of sussex won the lawsuit against the media that concerned the privacy of the letter, since the judge then considered that the letter he sent in August 2018 to his father, published by the ‘Mail on Sunday’ six months later, and which was the main pillar of the dispute between Harry’s wife and the medium, should have remained in the private sphere.

In this way, the judge was not served by the defense made by the editorial group, alleging that Meghan Markle had written that letter being fully aware that it was going to be published.

Thomas Markle, Meghan’s father, during an interview. (CP)

Second round

Now, a few months later and within the appeal trial process for the publication of the letter, on the second day of the hearing, Jason knauf has come to corroborate that idea: that Meghan was fully aware that the letter would come, sooner or later, to see the public light. The bottom line is that Jason was secretary of communications to Prince Harry and his wife.

In her testimony, Knauf explains that the Duchess was afraid that her father would not respect the confidentiality of their correspondence, as he collaborated with the press. So, in his words, the draft of it was written thinking that this possibility existed: “The duchess had pointed out to me then that she recognized that it was possible that (her father) would make it public,” Knauf explained. Andrew Caldecott, the lawyer representing the editorial group that published the letter, the testimony contradicts “the scenario that was presented before the judge”, according to which it was an “absolutely private letter written to be read exclusively by Mr. Markle.” In short: according to her former secretary, Meghan knew that not only could this happen but that it would probably happen and she wrote it knowing that it would end up happening.

What the letter said

The duchess used no less than five pages to show that the differences with her father seemed (then and still are) irreconcilable. In the letter, written in exquisite handwriting, Meghan Markle stated: “You have broken my heart into a million pieces.” In addition, she reproached him for attacking her husband, giving interviews to the media and making montages. Not only that, he also pointed out to him for having positioned himself on the side of his sister, Samantha, whom he claimed to barely know, and who had not stopped attacking her in recent months, “while I have suffered in silence with her lies.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, in a recent picture. (Reuters / Andrew Kelly)

Meghan headed the letter with an affectionate “papa” and manifested that “with a heartache I write this to you, without understanding why you have chosen this path, turning a deaf ear to the damage you are causing.” In addition to listing the reasons why he inflicted enormous harm on her, he complained that he did not attempt to contact her and that he told the press that he was the one who was rejected. She assured that both her husband and she wanted to help him after he could not go to her wedding as a result of two heart attacks and described him as “ungrateful” because he has supported him financially.

“I have not only loved, protected and defended you, offering you all the financial support I could, worrying about your health … and always asking you how I could help you. So the week of the wedding it was horrible to find out through a tabloid that you had a heart attack. I called you and sent you messages. I begged you to accept help, we even sent someone to your house. And instead of talking to me or accepting this or any other kind of help, you stopped answering the phone and preferred to speak only to the tabloids, “the letter read.

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The revelations of the ex-secretary of Meghan Markle that do not leave her in a good place