The role that Akın Akınözü turned down but Onur Tuna accepted and is now a hit

Akın Akınözü, one of Turkey’s most sought-after actors, rose to fame as the lead in the soap opera “” and currently, he is leading another drama called “”. However, before this work came into his hands, there was another, very interesting one, which he rejected and immediately picked up. , the interpreter who played Dr. Ferman in “Doctor Miracle.” You know which one is?

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The recordings of “Hercai”, produced by Mia Yapım, ended in April 2021 and the actor Akın Akınözü decided to take some time to rest and be able to calmly and carefully analyze an upcoming role until he decided to accept working in “Kaderimin Oyunu”, in its original language.

“The game of my destiny” (“The Game of My Destiny”, in English) is a series where Akinözü plays Cemal and shares the leading role with the actress Öykü Karayel, who plays Asiye. The production was released on December 3, 2021 in Turkey, through the StarTv signal, but what was the role that the remembered Miran from “Hercai” rejected?

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Although criticism of Akın Akınözü’s role as Cemal in “The Game of My Destiny”, he seems to be a little regretful that he rejected another character in another series, which was taken advantage of by Onur Tuna and that has also been well received. Do you know which one it is?

It is about the television series “Prisoner” (“Mahkum” in Turkish), which began to be broadcast on Turkish television a few weeks ago, sweeping the audience ratings, according to the Ottoman portal Televizyon Gazetesi.

Onur Tuna during a scene in "Prisoner" (Photo: @mfyapimtv)
Onur Tuna during a scene in “Prisoner” (Photo: @mfyapimtv)

The role assumed by Onur Tuna draws attention with its successful performance and exciting story, it was so successful in the ratings that it even displaced the first place winner, “The Girl with the Glass”.

The series “The game of my destiny”, where Akın Akınözü works and which is broadcast by Star TV, has good ratings, even from its first week there is talk of offers from other countries to acquire the broadcasting rights and that is, In addition, fans of “Kaderimin Oyunu” have invaded the station’s website in order to see the episodes of this production. The majority of followers come from countries such as Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Italy.

However, the Turkish media considers that Akın Akınözü regretted not having accepted the offer that came to him first because “Prisoner” has had a greater impact, also taking into account that the FOX production has managed to bring together prominent artists. of outstanding telenovelas such as “Kadin”, “Tierra Amarga” and “Hercai” itself.

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Akın Akınözü during a scene in the series “The game of my destiny” (Photo: NGM Medya)
Akın Akınözü during a scene in the series “The game of my destiny” (Photo: NGM Medya)


The story, based on the Korean drama “Innocent Defendant”, tells the life of a prosecutor who one day wakes up in prison without knowing the reason.

The man is accused of murdering his wife and son and is sentenced to death. He unfortunately also suffers from temporary memory loss, so he must prove his innocence as he tries to remember what happened that tragic day.

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The new series “The game of my destiny” that has been produced by NGM Medya, tells the story of Asiye, who lives with her daughter Nergris. Precisely, it is the latter who defends herself by being the victim of abuse by an unknown man.

The event ends with the death of the perpetrator and, given this, Asiye decides to flee with her daughter Nergis and little Ugur. During her flight, she manages to meet Mahir (Sarp Apak), a man who returns to Turkey after being in Russia for many years and it will be he who gives them the help they need.

Misfortune, however, catches up with them when on their way to Istanbul they have a car accident that leaves Mahir badly injured. Asiye and her children pose as Mahir’s family, but this is the lost son of the patriarch, and the half-brother of “Cemal’s” wife.

Cemal is married to Helin, the daughter of the patriarch of an important family of millionaires. They also have a son named Ahmet.

However, Asiye will be reunited with Cemal, who abandoned her years ago. Her destiny will put her between a rock and a hard place so that she decides which of the two she will stay with.

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The role that Akın Akınözü turned down but Onur Tuna accepted and is now a hit