The romantic love story between Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, current owner of the Gucci brand

Salma Hayek had to be yes or yes in ‘La Casa Gucci’, after all she is married to the current owner of the Italian firm, François-Henri Pinault, and their love story dates back more than 10 years. Here we summarize it.

Salma Hayek is enjoying a tremendously important moment in her career by being the first Mexican in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after having played Ajak in Eternals. His talent has opened doors to him worldwide. Nevertheless, His career is not the only aspect of his life that is so stable, since his marriage to François-Henri Pinault It is a love story worthy of a movie.

His fairy tale begins with a crush at first sight. The lovebirds met in 2006 when Salma She was invited to inaugurate the Palazzo Grassi, an elegant venue in Venice that had been purchased by her current husband’s family. Pinault fell in love with the woman from Veracruz and did not stop until he conquered her.

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The story of how they fell in love is a secret that even the gossip media have not managed to find out. The actress of House of gucci was very discreet and in an interview collected by Glamor said: “I’m not going to say how we met. It is a love story extremely romantic, incredible, but it’s mine. I don’t want to vulgarize it by turning it into a story to make myself interesting “.

Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault

But, although they are now more in love than ever, the beginnings were complicated, because Salma wasn’t sure she wanted to be part of the opulent world her husband belongs to.;

By the time I met him, he had already decided he didn’t want one of those. He had organized everything to have a completely different life. I was prepared to live on my ranch, which is also a sanctuary for animals that have been abused.

“My plan was to go to Los Angeles and get some work done,” he continued, “I wasn’t planning on spending too much. I wasn’t interested in jewelry or cars; I already had everything I wanted.”Salma explained with complete honesty. AND toAlthough they now distill honey and love, like every couple, they have had their ups and downs. Which rachel and ross in Friends they had a “break” in which Pinault took the opportunity to go out with other people and have another child.

But, nothing that love could not overcome, because later they returned and in 2007 Salma became pregnant with Valentina Paloma Pinault-Hayek, to which he revealed in an interview with Jimmy Fallon that they speak to him in English because it is a “neutral” language, not in French, not in Spanish.


In the end, the actress nominated for an Oscar for the film Frida could not resist and three years after meeting the businessman ended up saying “yes, I accept” at an incredible wedding that took place in the same place where they met. Obviously they threw the house out the window and spent more than 1 million dollars on the merrymaking, which was attended by close friends of the Mexican such as Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Alejandro González Iñárritu and even Anna Wintour.

In 2018 there was a renewal of their vows and the rest is history, they are living happily ever after, or at least as long as they are married, both focused on their careers and supporting each other.

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The romantic love story between Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault, current owner of the Gucci brand