The secret story of the reunion between Pampita and La China Suárez

China Suárez brought a gift to Beltrán, in the midst of his conflict with Benjamin Vicuña

China Suarez Y Pampita Ardohain managed to establish a good bond and left in the past the scandal related to the famous motorhome that involved Benjamin Vicuna. Recently, the actress made clear her excellent relationship with her model by posting a sweet photo of her with her daughter. Magnolia and the little one Beltran, who just turned 10 years old.

“Happy birth to the Hawaiian who stole our hearts. That brings joy wherever he goes. Thanks for being such a good brother. We love you infinity, Beltru ”, La China wrote on her official Instagram account and tagged the boy and his mother. So far, the publication had more than 359 thousand likes and 1500 comments.

How and why was the reunion between Ardohain and Suárez? in the cycle Show Partners (El Trece) told details of the meeting between the ex-partners of the Chilean actor. Luli Fernandez assured: “Pampita contacted her in China by phone and asked him to be part of the celebration with Beltrán. It was a very good gesture, I wanted Magnolia and Amancio to be here please.”

Then, the panelist pointed out that the actress replied that she could not go to the birthday because she had a barbecue. But she told him that her children could go. “A few hours later, La China tells him that she would like to stop by to leave a gift for Beltrán. At one point in the meeting, inside the car, they take a photo with Magnolia and Beltrán”, Fernandez added. In the program hosted by Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich They speculated that perhaps La China tagged Pampita in the photo to “clean her image”, in the middle of a fight with the father of her minor children.

The birthday of Beltrán, the son of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña
The birthday of Beltrán, the son of Pampita and Benjamín Vicuña

The confrontation between Suárez and Vicuña began at the end of May when the actress posted several messages on Twitter about media harassment about her love life. In this context, she also responded to those who question her motherhood, and in one of those tweets she slipped a phrase that was interpreted as a claim addressed to Benjamin. Since their separation, they suggest that there are some conflicts about the family organization. In this regard, the panelist Karina Iavicoli told what it was the reaction of the Chilean actor to learn of the hint that his ex-partner published.

“Regarding my motherhood. The women who live with our children 24/7 (except one day when the father has them, when he can, of course, because he travels a lot for “work”) we do what we can. And I assure you that I do very well. Stop fucking with me because I won’t shut up,” La China said in that post.

Although he did not name him directly, the clues led to Vicuña, who until a few days ago had been in New York with Eli Sulichin, her current partner, and then they were in the Caribbean, where they took the opportunity to relax. Luli Fernández affirmed that the relationship between the two is “completely broken” due to the disagreements that distanced them. “Contact was cut between them, and on his side they tell me that it is forever, and they only speak through lawyers”, assured the panelist. In this sense, she also maintained that the last straw was Suárez’s decision to attend her boyfriend’s recital, rushingat Luna Park, with his daughter Magnolia.

At this point Iavícoli shared the answer he received from the actor when he consulted him for the hint about paternity. “I honestly do not understand what is happening and why my role is being questioned. I live in Argentina to be close to my children and I love them deeply”, expressed in the first part of the answer. And then added: “I have been a father for 16 years and they never questioned my role”referring to the family he formed during his previous relationship with Pampita.


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The secret story of the reunion between Pampita and La China Suárez