The special gift that Marcelo Tinelli gave Susana Giménez for her birthday

Marcelo Tinelli sent Susana a present for her birthday
Marcelo Tinelli sent Susana a present for her birthday

Susana Gimenez He had his birthday last Saturday, but that does not stop him from continuing to celebrate. In this opportunity the diva chose to enjoy it in Colombia, where he also traveled for work reasons. At a small table, with only three guests, an outdoor lunch was given in a very original way: on a floating island. “This is how the day of my birthday began, having lunch on a raft in the middle of a giant lake. The food is brought to you by boat”, he wrote on his account on Monday. Instagram next to the video of the moment in which a boat approaches to serve them food.

But in addition, the driver received several presents from her intimates and her colleagues, among which the one from Marcelo Tinelli. “But how beautiful, look at the flowers that Marcelo sent me, divine, with balloons that say: ‘Happy Birthday'”, he expressed while also showing the room in which he was staying, a kind of glamping, a fully equipped luxury tent.

Susana Giménez showed the gift that Marcelo Tinelli gave her for her birthday

On the other hand, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, Susana shared with her followers the helicopter trip she made to fly over the incredible landscapes of Guatupé, a tourist municipality in Colombia. “Look how crazy this place is!”, wrote in the story where the aerial filming was viewed. “This is something that I have never seen in my life,” she is heard saying, amazed by the natural beauty of the site. Immediately afterwards, he showed the moment in which the aircraft is landing in front of a huge lake surrounded by vegetation.

Susana Giménez showed her helicopter ride in Colombia

Days ago, the diva had been furious at the version of louis ventura which indicated that he would receive his ex, George Ramain his mansion The Mary from Punta del Este. “I don’t like the tenement house, I don’t want to make a fuss, but I would have to be crazy and the guy too, he must be terrified of meeting again. If that was never fixed. How can you say that?”, Susana questioned him. And continued: “But how am I going to receive it? Forgive? After sleeping with the enemy? They are all crazy! If you’re saying that I forgave someone who troubled me, you’re saying that I look like a fool, that’s how I look like a moron. I am generous, but not with the one who worked hard for me and forged my signature. And of course I didn’t get that money back,” he said, despite the fact that the panelist from in the afternoon assured him that his source was reliable.

In addition to making his defense, Giménez pointed against Karina Mazzocco, the driver of the cycle of America. “I do not not know what happens, I don’t like that Karina dedicates herself to this, to speak ill of her friends. If they are saying that I forgave someone who stole from me, they are treating me as stupid, “he reproached her.

In terms of work, on March 11 he opens Porn and Ice Cream, a series that will be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. “I’m dying to see her, I have an intrigue that eats me up,” he wrote a few days ago. In fiction, directed by Martin Pironyansky, will have a small participation but it will be his return to acting after a long time.

Susana herself explained in a video that “she has nothing to do with porn”, she even said that her thing was a cameo. “I’m not the protagonist, I do a small thing, but it amuses me because I haven’t done anything artistic for about a year and a half, I wanted to do it.” The protagonists are Sofi Morandi, Nacho Saralegui and Piroyanski himself.


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The special gift that Marcelo Tinelli gave Susana Giménez for her birthday