The story of Rebel Wilson in Hollywood before and after losing weight deserves reflection

After earnestly seeking to improve their health and eating habits, rebel wilson It has given a major makeover in recent years. Since she announced her intentions in 2020, the actress from Giving the note or JojoRabbit has lost more than 30 kilos and shows an almost unrecognizable appearance, being a case that is showing us the importance that weight and physical image still have in the Hollywood industry.

Rebel Wilson at the AACTA Awards in December 2021 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images)

Rebel Wilson at the AACTA Awards in December 2021 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo: Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty Images)

We already saw it when the actress’s agents criticized her decision to take care of her diet, who they pointed out that she had to maintain her weight because “she made millions of dollars being the fat fun girl”, as Wilson correctly indicated to the BBC in 2021. But again, the interpreter once again points out questionable facts that make it clear that being fat or thin is still key to obtaining roles in the middle of 2022.

In an interview with the podcast Life Uncut, Rebel Wilson confessed that his predilection for comedy came from avoiding shooting sex scenes, a decision he made after gaining weight due to suffering from a polycystic ovary. “I knew it was a bigger girl, so I said, ‘You just have to accept it.'”. That’s why I got into comedy acting, because I knew how much power comedians can have.: People are more likely to laugh at people they don’t want to have sex withexplained the actress. “Comedians often have something physical that is abnormal. Those people tend to do better in comedy, so I turned what became a disadvantage for many into my advantage.”

In this way, Wilson ended up limited to a multitude of comedies such as Bachelorette party, What to expect when you’re expecting, Giving the note, Better… single, counterintelligent agent, Isn’t it romantic? or Compulsive cheaters, having hardly had opportunities to show off outside the genre.

However, despite the fact that her initial intention was to avoid leaving this comfort zone, Wilson confesses that they did not even consider her for a role other than that of a fat and funny character. In fact, it says that it was not until he had lost weight that the industry has offered him roles in genres such as drama.

“They’ve opened up to dramatic roles that I wasn’t considered for before, which is amazing, so I can really use my acting strength.”, Wilson continued.

With this statement, the 41-year-old actress leads us to the interesting reflection that shows the great influence that the weight continues to have in the industry. Not only in how she herself imposed the path to follow due to her weight, aware of the limitations that Hollywood would impose due to her figure; but, and above all, because of the opposite offers that he now receives before his physical change.

As if thinness were a professional synonym for his dramatic facet or other artistic nuances to be taken seriously, but not when his weight was greater. A sad reality that shows how much these prejudices limit the talent and possibilities of plus-size actresses. Melissa McCarthy is a clear example of an actress who also started in comedy and even had her biggest successes in this genre, being the extra weight actress of the thug comedy. The success gave him enough notoriety to make his way with different bets such as Can you ever forgive me?, and despite reaping an Oscar nomination for his work, comedy remains the main asset of his filmography.

Given the circumstances, Wilson ended his speech by reflecting on the current data regarding the hiring of actresses based on weight. The actress clarifies that currently only 1% of tall actresses opt for leading roles, a harsh reality that makes it clear that, Although Hollywood is gradually getting rid of prejudices, dimensions and weight are still key for many characters and movies. “I still think you see it in the statistics, plus-size female leads are less than 1%, but there is some movement to include different body types,” concludes.

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The story of Rebel Wilson in Hollywood before and after losing weight deserves reflection