The strong hint of China Suárez against Benjamín Vicuña for his role as a father

China Suárez referred to her role as a mother and pointed out her ex, Benjamín Vicuña
China Suárez referred to her role as a mother and pointed out her ex, Benjamín Vicuña

The China Suarez was uncovered. For months, she had been avoiding talking about the different controversies in which she was involved and in the last hours of Tuesday she decided to share in her account of Instagram a video in which he mentioned a thread of Twitterwhich reviewed the different moments in which she was talked about in THE M.

“Sums up what I always say about cruelty and harassment,” said the formerATAV, Although he clarified that he did not do it from the place of victim: “I have been wrong and I am wrong like everyone else, but I speak of a persecution, and I never spoke so deeply about this because it is difficult for me,” he acknowledged in the video that he uploaded to his stories.

The truth is that, after this release, the actress reactivated her account Twitter and published a forceful message, this time addressed to those who question her role as a mother, and incidentally, took the opportunity to send a hint towards Benjamin Vicunafather of her children Magnolia Y Amancio. “Regarding my motherhood. The women who live with our children 24/7 (except one day when the father has them, when he can, of course, because he travels a lot for “work”) we do what we can. And I assure you that I do very well. Stop fucking with me because I won’t shut up,” she wrote.

China Suarez's tweet
China Suarez’s tweet

In this sense, and although he did not name him directly, Suárez pointed directly to his ex, who until a few days ago was on a trip with eli sulichin, your current partner. They both went to tour New York, from where Benjamin shared some postcards with his followers, and then they were in the Caribbean, where they took the opportunity to relax. Although Benjamin may have had to fulfill some work commitment, the truth is that he also extended his stay abroad to share time with his new girlfriend. Something that, apparently, China did not like at all, and he let her know in this message that he shared on the bird’s social network.

Meanwhile, Eugenia is beginning a relationship with rushingthe singer who was until last year in a relationship with Mary Becerra. In fact, yesterday on the show that leads Angel of Brito showed that the former Almost angels and the ragpicker took another step on this path and they spent the night together in a hotel in the Recoleta neighborhood. The cycle of America stood guard at the door of the place and showed the images of the morning, with the protagonists leaving the place and being surprised because both her truck and her car had been taken by the crane.

At that time, the chronicler approached the couple, especially the actress, to conduct a brief interview, seeking to know first of all if they confirmed a courtship about which there are more and more clues. However, neither she nor he made a statement, just a courtesy “good morning” from Eugenia before getting into the taxi, followed by a “care” before closing the door..

Then, after showing the two videos from China, Ángel took a few minutes from his program to respond. “Each one knows what he thinks of the people who are exposed and each one also chooses what to show what he has as conduct in life”, The driver began by saying, adding that he had not yet received a document letter from the actress, as had been rumored, which did reach the hands of his partner Yanina Latorre. I would love to go to court with China, I have no problem clarifying everything you want”, said the driver.


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The strong hint of China Suárez against Benjamín Vicuña for his role as a father