The strong post of Mauro Icardi to deny Wanda Nara: “Where are we left?”

Mauro Icardi once again published striking content on his Instagram stories

Eight days ago Wanda nara and Mauro Icardi they are the protagonists of a media scandal that keeps their followers in suspense. When it seemed that both of them had chosen to remain silent until their ideas were clear, The PSG player surprised with a strong posting on his Instagram stories, where he was shown in bed with his wife. Although it is not the first publication of the footballer, who from his account does not stop publishing content around an alleged reconciliation, this time he was more forceful with his words and spoke directly to the businesswoman.

“When you are in Mood single on Instagram, but at night you come to ask for forgiveness. Where do we meet @wandaicardi? It is not clear to me“Wrote the forward in his stories, next to a postcard where you see Wanda hugging him without showing her face, and Mauro’s torso exposed. The player’s claim comes from the latest publications of the influencer, who posed in several videos without her wedding ring and then posted sensual photos from the shower.

Mauro Icardi's post from bed with Wanda Nara
Mauro Icardi’s post from bed with Wanda Nara

It should be added that Icardi deleted the striking image shortly after publishing it, and only left the second story that he published: “I’m going to bed. Good night people!”. However, by that time the captures had already gone viral, and the journalist Angel de Brito He showed it on his Twitter account under the warning: “This does not end anymore.”

In any case, as different Internet users have warned on previous occasions, there is the possibility that the photograph of the couple in crisis is not current, since some details such as the length of the businesswoman’s nails do not coincide with her recent posts. The same happened when the player assured that the reconciliation was already a fact and that the mother of five children had forgiven him for hurting her. As long as Wanda does not directly mention her link with the forward, the followers of the businesswoman will continue to wait to read her explanation in the first person.

The story of Mauro Icardi (Instagram)
The story of Mauro Icardi (Instagram)

Although the athlete maintains that they are reconciled and uploads old photos of both on his Instagram account, the media is still very angry with the father of his two youngest daughters, Francesca and Isabella. This Friday, Yanina Latorre, panelist of The Morning Angels, revealed details of the talk he had with the model: “Wanda Nara is closer to divorce than to settle with Mauro Icardi.”

In addition, the wife of Diego Latorre pointed out that both his sister Zaira like her mom Nora they are outraged with everything that happened, even their lawyer Ana Rosenfeld He recommended that he part ways. “Wanda told me: ‘Yani we are not together, but we share the same house because my children go to school.’ He was starting to train again. They work together and have meetings. But she is still destroyed. Other times I have noticed it angrier, now it is off ”.

Then, the panelist of the El Trece cycle surprised her colleagues by telling that Wanda received a message of support from an important artist: “They are writing to him from all over the world, he has a singer as a suitor. They know each other, it is a sex symbol: Eros Ramazzotti. He wrote to her in Italian. And the daring Icardi is jealous and wants me to close the networks ”.

On the other hand, Yanina explained how China Suárez, designated as the third in contention in this separation, is experiencing this situation: “A source told me that China does not care about this situation, it is not suffering. He is enjoying himself, he has journalistic guards, he did not drop any work. She plans to return to Argentina next week, because she has more work and her daughter Rufina misses her father ”.


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The strong post of Mauro Icardi to deny Wanda Nara: “Where are we left?”