The tears of Flor Peña when listening to the crude testimony of Fernán Mirás

Flor Peña’s tears when she heard how Fernán Mirás was saved from death (Flor de Equipo – Telefe)

Fernan Miras He is undoubtedly one of the Argentine actors most loved by the public and that is why in October, his health worried everyone when it transpired that had a brain aneurysm which is why they had to place a stent. At that time, she was starring ARTtogether with Mike Amigorena and Pablo Echarri, directed by Germán Palacios and Ricardo Darín that he had to suspend his functions. Thank you all! They have thrown me so much good vibes that I runny nose. I can’t use the phone, I wanted to thank you for so much and for the jokes too. I’m fine, I got it cheap and we caught it on time”had written in his account Twitter while he was still hospitalized.

After get dischargeddays ago, in an interview with German Paoloski, he had been moved to remember the difficult moment who lived last year. “I left a couple of messages saying goodbye because if I died, the operation was dangerous. If I talk about it I cry, but I left a message for my children pretending something casual, but I said ‘last, have one last message’”.

And this Tuesday, invited to team flowerthe program that drives Flower Rock On Telefe, he recalled more details, which caused the tears of the hostess and the entire panel. “Once I sent a message to my children, I told the doctor to have an operation because my head hurt so much. And I got rid of it”Said the actor about to burst into tears and also causing emotion in all those present in the studio. Even at that moment he held out his hand to her in a clear sign of contention.

Flor Peña cried when she heard the story of Fernán Mirás (Capture: "team flower" - Phone)
Flor Peña cried when listening to the story of Fernán Mirás (Capture: “Team flower” – Telefe)

“I put myself in your place and it’s tremendous to go through a situation like this,” said Peña. And she asked him if her children had replied to that message. “No, because I left them a Whatsapp in case of…”, said the former protagonist of Argentina, land of love and revengethat he couldn’t complete the sentence when he saw his colleague so excited. “Don’t cry, bol…, it’s going to hurt you,” she said jokingly to decompress the moment. “Did you feel that it was not the time to leave?” asked Flor. “I felt that there was not much to do, and that you are in the hands of the doctors. And then you are indebted to those people who got into your head.

Looking around, the host noticed the atmosphere in the studio: “We are all crying”. And he limited: “I guess it must have been hard for your whole family in those hours where you didn’t know what was happening…”. “I know it was a dance…they were all there together waiting. Well, let’s change the subject, right? ”, She ironized at the imminent new break in her voice. But Flor pointed out: “It’s nice to listen to you because it’s like a facet of you that is not so well known, you are always so jodon. Also connect with these things, there are many people who went through similar things…”. What led the actor to conclude: “It happens to all of us, not that you get sick, but at some point we are going to die, there is not much return. I prefer it to be later”.


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The tears of Flor Peña when listening to the crude testimony of Fernán Mirás