The tender appearance of Archie, the oldest son of the Sussexes, on the Ellen DeGeneres show

Meghan Markle’s presence on the Ellen DeGeneres show had generated great expectation, but the tone of his statements has been completely different from that of his explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which he spoke, together with Prince Harry, of the reasons for his estrangement from the Windsors and gave details about his life in the Palace: family clashes, alleged signs of racism and extreme loneliness, which would have ended up endangering Meghan’s mental health, as she herself confessed. Now, the Duchess of Sussex has put aside her brief stint in the British monarchy to remember her time as an actress o participate in a hidden camera. He has also spoken about his children, Archie and Lilibet, revealing the cute costume they wore on Halloween. A very relaxed chat in which we saw a new photograph of Archie, the eldest son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aged two.

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The boy appears from behind in the family chicken coop, a place that we discovered for the first time last March, during the marriage interview with Oprah Winfrey. Archie, who has inherited his father’s red hairLook at the chickens while they eat. In one of her hands she carries a basket for eggs and wears Hunter brand wellies inspired by Peppa Pig, the popular British cartoon character. Interestingly, his paternal uncle, Prince William, recently said that his son, Prince George, was an absolute fan of the adventures of Peppa Pig. Now, at eight years old, the eldest son of the Dukes of Cambridge prefers another character, Fireman Sam.

Upon seeing the photo, DeGeneres, who is Meghan’s neighbor in Montecito, California, and often visits family from time to time, exclaimed: “It’s so sweet to chickens! Archie is such a gentle soul“The Duchess of Sussex, hearing the host’s words, smiled and said,” Aww, thank you. “

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recounted in their interview with Oprah that their chickens had been rescued from a factory farm and that they now had a quiet life. Inside the chicken coop there was a sign that read ‘Archie’s Chicken Inn, founded in 2021’, in honor of his first-born..


Meghan, 40, revealed to DeGeneres that Archie “loves being Lilibet’s older brother” and he “loves to dance”. The Duchess of Sussex also said that she likes to cook a lot and that will celebrate Thanksgiving at home with Prince Harry and his two sons. “It will be nice,” he predicted. She jokingly assured that being the father of one child was not the same as being the father of two, and confirmed that her husband loves the climate and lifestyle of California. “We are happy”.

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She also took advantage of her visit to the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote her children’s book, The Bench, and stated that Archie knows who appears in it and recognize the family’s two pets, a beagle named Guy and a black Lab named Pula. “On the first page he opens, he sees our dogs and says, ‘That’s Pula! That’s Guy!'” She said excitedly.


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to share a photo of little Lilibet, which came into the world on June 4. But Meghan did talk about the girl with Ellen. He said that his daughter, who is now five months old, is getting her first teeth and looking for remedies to alleviate his pain. The presenter suggested that she try “tequila” and the Duchess responded with amusement: “That’s Aunt Ellen.”

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The tender appearance of Archie, the oldest son of the Sussexes, on the Ellen DeGeneres show