The thing about the radioactive briefcase and Isabel Preysler’s stylist

Isabel Preysler, participating in the Antena 3 program'Mask Singer'.
Isabel Preysler, participating in the Antena 3 program ‘Mask Singer’.Atresmedia

Bye. Magazine Hello! – Be careful here – published a disheartening message a few days ago: “The Nuclear Safety Council warns of the theft of radioactive equipment in Madrid.” The tweet was very successful on his Twitter profile. Preysler is not the same as uranium. The official account of the bible of coated paper has more than 1.6 million followers in Spain. Well, only one person out of all that crowd, Marina Muro —“Passionate in every way, lover of life, family and travel. art lover, plant lover”, According to his profile, he decided to share such a national alarm. She will have to talk at another time about the plant lovers patriots, that there are. the news of Hello! It wasn’t a big exclusive. In fact, the radioactive briefcase had already been found when the magazine sounded the alarm to the public. Óscar, in these parts @kikatxato, did not go around with stories: “Let’s see if you find out, that he has recovered more than an hour ago.” Normal.

There are many historical days in a row. The boredom is already tiring. For this reason, and now more than ever, it is convenient to remember one of the best journalistic headlines in the history of gut feelings. The great journalist Martin Bianchi, now in Hello! and before in ABC, interviewed Pitita Ridruejo in 2013, high society incarnate. “Did she ever feel discriminated against for being Catholic?” Bianchi asked. Ridruejo went with everything: “Completely. What happens is that many people do not want the Apocalypse to arrive. And so much. It doesn’t suit at all. Even more after the Saharan wind, that has left Spain in dust.

In reality, that yellow suitcase with a shape similar to a medicine cabinet was stolen five days ago in Humanes, about 20 kilometers from Puerta del Sol. The theft occurred after the lock of the van where it was transported was manipulated . Immediately, the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) informed by all possible parties that the suitcase did not contain cash, but rather radioactive sources of cesium and americium, chemical elements that should not be handled or drunk. There are thieves on the loose in Madrid with impressive missions. The sixth season of The Money Heist it falls short.

The briefcase was found two days after the disappearance in the Madrid district of Usera, on Francisco Ruiz street, as if nothing had happened. Small notices that alert us that the Apocalypse can appear in any country corner. The best citizens’ security forces moved there, cordoning off a perimeter and evicting the house closest to the point where the radioactive suitcase was found. And the thieves? Everyone knows that, sooner or later, they will speak exclusively to Hello!

Anyway. It has been a very busy week for the heart. Much commented on has been the interview with Isabel Preysler’s stylist, Cristina Reyes, in the magazine Vanity Fair. “How is your day to day when he is working?”, They ask him. “No two days are the same,” Reyes replies. Normal. The Apocalypse does not want routines. “If he is a celebrities who is going to attend an event”, he continues, “find out well the dress codeplace and time and start doing the research and requestput a date fitting and so on until you find him look 10. If it is for a publisher, receive the briefing the mood the shooting and start the shopping for the showroom of Madrid and also in those outside of Spain”. Little more can be adding.

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The thing about the radioactive briefcase and Isabel Preysler’s stylist