The transparent dress of Justina Bustos in a program from Spain that revolutionized the networks

The daring look of Justina Bustos in “El Hormiguero” (Video: Antena 3)

For some time now, and after the great success of The stars, Justina Bustos is projecting her career as an actress internationally. For this, she settled in Spain, where she even forged a great friendship with Lali Esposito -with whom he lived for a while- and now he is the protagonist of The game of keys, a Spanish romantic comedy that opens on April 13. In this context, she was invited to the anthillone of the most watched television programs in that country, to which he went along with the other two actresses of that fiction, Eva Ugarte Y Maria Castro.

As soon as he entered the studio, aboard a luxurious black car with his colleagues, what caught his attention the most was his daring violet dress: very short, with one shoulder, many transparencies and nothing underneath. She completed her look with black sneakers. Immediately, his name became a trend on social networks, where all users commented on his outfit.

“People are shocked and go crazy because this girl (Justina Bustos) came out like that in the Hormiguero… I don’t understand why, they’re just boobs and she’s wearing a transparent dress… What’s the problem? She can go however she wants. Do you see her nipples? Woooow, so what?”, “No matter how intelligent your answers are, today we only talk about your boobs, Justina Bustos, nothing about the movie you went to talk about. The plot of the movie doesn’t matter, nor the actresses that accompanied you. When will we grow up once and for all? Are transparencies so scary?”, Were some of the comments that were read in Twitter.

Justina Busts In "the anthill"
Justina Bustos in “El Hormiguero”

Meanwhile, the plot of the film in which he will act focuses on a group of friends in the middle of their forties who decide to venture into the game of keys, an exchange of partners between them that will make them discover their fears, their desires and above all, what they want in life. For this reason, one of the questions that the driver asked Paul Motorcycles it was about his vision of polyamory.

“That’s why I’m alone…”, Justina began laughing. But she clarified: “The times I was in a relationship I was super faithful. I know how to do only one thing well, I can’t do many things at once. If I dedicate myself to something, I dedicate myself. That’s my answer, I don’t know, if suddenly I’m with a partner for a long time, then the possibility may arise. It could be, but it’s not my case..

On the other hand, Bustos recalled his trip to Mauritius, where he had gone to film a movie, but tested positive for coronavirus upon arrival at the airport. “The next day the doctors came for me, and I ended up locked in a public hospital room for 33 days, sharing the room with no more and no less than Yolanda Ramos and three women from India. We made a beautiful community that sustained each other.” And he recalled: “They manage to get out and I stay because I kept testing positive, that was the hardest moment. I stayed alone for a week, the doctors were very afraid of us. They didn’t see us as people, they saw us as a danger. It was a tough experience, they released me when I was negative.”


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The transparent dress of Justina Bustos in a program from Spain that revolutionized the networks