The transparent dress that united Rosalía and Pamela Anderson 22 years later

    Few things can be as entertaining as diving into the fashion newspaper library, rescuing images of some of the divas from decades ago who could well have paraded on the red carpets of 2022 with their stunning looks, looking for designs that today would be coveted pieces. vintage that they would fly from wardrobe to wardrobe and find authentic whims of fate that let the imagination run wild and ask: chance or inspiration? And that has happened to us two images of Rosalía and Pamela Anderson, separated by 23 years and united by the same Dolce & Gabbana dress.

    Yes, Pamela Anderson was a true icon in the 90s, she was, nothing more and nothing less, the spectacular beach watcher who spent the day dressed in a suggestive red swimsuit, saving lives and also sentimental pitfalls. A woman who, off screen, was also incredibly abused and openly sexualized. Today Rosalía is a benchmark for an entire generation, and not only because of her music and her iconoclastic art, but because of an aesthetic that mixes sport with great jewelry, frills with transparencies and sneakers platform with satin sets.

    Two women from two different generations who now coincide in popularity thanks to the renewed interest in Pamela Anderson, whose turbulent love story with Tommy Lee has made the leap to the small screen thanks to the series Pam&Tommy, starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan. Two iconic and powerful women whom the newspaper library has united thanks to the same look.

    pamela anderson

    Pamela Anderson on the Jay Leno Show in 1998.

    NBCGetty Images

    It was July 1998 when Pamela Anderson went to the legendary late show by Jay Leno. With her usual hair updo with two strands on the sides (which is known as ‘Pammy Updos’ and is back), and a sensual light blue dress, fitted body with fine straps, semi-transparent skirt and butterflies in shades of blue in the form of small appliques, Pamela signed one of those looks that remain in the retina. She had presented the design that same year on the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk.

    And, coincidences or not of destiny, was Rosalía in charge of reviving styling almost twenty-five years later, when he attended the Los40 Music Awards gala which were held in Palma de Mallorca in November 2021.


    Rosalía, at The 40 Music Awards last November.

    Elizabeth InfantesGetty Images

    The Catalan singer walked the red carpet with the same design from the Italian creators, a vintage design for which the years have barely left a mark, since it was not easy to guess that the design had already triumphed in Milan more than two decades ago.

    With her hair tied back in a bun and strappy sandals, Rosalía reinterpreted a dress that could perfectly have flown from Pamela Anderson’s closet to hers, to continue to arouse the interest of the spotlight more than two decades later. Two photos that make it clear that, in matters of fashion, there are designs that go much further than trends and that go down in history not only for what they are but for the meaning that those who wear them confer on them. In this case, two unique women like Pamela Anderson and Rosalía, two women capable of creating their own aesthetic code.

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The transparent dress that united Rosalía and Pamela Anderson 22 years later