The truth about the separation of Isabella Castillo and Matías Novoa according to the actress

and They met in 2018, during the recordings of the sixth season of “The Lord of the Skies”, and at the end of 2019 they were already married. In fact, the photos of their religious wedding filled the pages of magazines and Spanish-speaking portals. The relationship seemed perfect. However, two years later, their love story came to an end.

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Castle and Novoa They confirmed their divorce on October 31, through their Instagram accounts, where despite the pain they thanked the time they were together and demonstrated to maintain a good relationship.

The initiative to end the marriage came from Matías Novoa, who told the actress that he wanted to separate from her on any given day in which both made decoration changes in their home. In a recent interview with the People medium, the protagonist of “Grachi” revealed everything about his separation with the Chilean. Find out all the details in the following lines.

Matías Novoa and Isabella Castillo were married for religious reasons in October 2019 (Photo: Instagram / Isabella Castillo)
Matías Novoa and Isabella Castillo were married for religious reasons in October 2019 (Photo: Instagram / Isabella Castillo)


When Isabella Castillo She knew that her then husband wanted to ask for a divorce, the news fell like a bucket of cold water. Without a doubt, she was not expecting it and it was hard to face, but deep down the Cuban knew that something better was coming: “But if it was like that, it is because God has other plans for both of us.”

The beginning was complicated and he assures that he is still adapting to leave the old habits, but since everything is learned, this experience is leaving him important lessons:

“The greatest teaching [que me dejó mi matrimonio] It is to be very clear about what I want and what I do not want in a relationship, to be able to identify it. Sometimes we get carried away by situations that we do not want and that causes the relationship to be damaged. I would never omit an opinion again because I wanted to try to do the marriage good. when the most important thing is communication and being on the same page both ”.


Despite the fact that some commented on the possible existence of a third person in the relationship, Isabella assures that this issue does not take away her sleep and for her part she has nothing to do with it.

I am one of the people who believes that no one takes anyone away and being talking about third parties is something that does not correspond to me, nor do I think it is worth it ”, explained the actress, who also stated that at this time she would not resume her relationship if the case arose, but she does not rule it out in the future.


Despite being surprising news for one of the parties, the ex-husbands remained on good terms. “We were mature enough for it to be like that and that way we don’t carry grudges or bad energies that lead nowhere “, said the Caribbean.

Castillo’s wishes for Matías are the best, as he hopes that he will be very happy and find what he has been looking for so much in this life.


Isabella Castillo revealed that she cared a great deal about her health before she knew she had COVID-19, because I thought she was going crazy, “I was diagnosed with neurocovid … Before I knew that I had Covid, I thought I was going crazy and I was very scared”, began to tell about the strong symptoms that began to present without knowing that she was infected.

“When I tested positive and I mentioned this part of my symptoms to the doctor, she told me that few people talk about it. but that is something that happens very frequently and that gave me peace of mind “he explained.

The neurocovid, experts report, after studies, it can affect a person with severe or mild symptoms of the virus, but it is characterized by headaches, loss of smell, anxiety, depression, problems with concentration and attention, as well as memory.

Castillo commented on his strongest symptoms since his infection, “In theory I had all the symptoms but none were as strong as the neurological part. My worst were psychosis, hallucinations, a lot of memory loss, confusion, crying senseless, aggressive, feeling that I was being chased, hair loss and a lot of pressure on my head ”, be sincere.

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The truth about the separation of Isabella Castillo and Matías Novoa according to the actress