The truth behind the sudden good relationship between Wanda Nara and Maxi López

Wanda Nara and Maxi López separated in 2013

In eight years they went through different situations: separation, scandal, divorce, public accusations, complaints for non-compliance with the food quota, for the visitation regime, for preventing contact with their children. And other issues that probably have not been leaked publicly. Since Wanda nara and Maxi lopez They decided to end their relationship, in November 2013, they had a hard time maintaining a bond as an ex-partner.

Still, they managed to support their children –Valentino, Constantino and Benedict– isolated from the problems they might have. And when it seemed that the marital crisis of Wanda with Mauro Icardi She had brought them closer together again, it was really known that they had rebuilt the relationship before the businesswoman discovered calls and messages, and a possible meeting in Paris, between her husband and the actress Eugenia China Suarez.

It happens that it was made public in the middle of the scandal that the model and the footballer starred in. And in which Maxi played a key role: Not only did he stay in the care of his children while the grown-ups defined their future, but he also took charge – in certain situations – of Francesca and Isabella, the daughters of his ex-wife and Icardi. For example, he has taken them or looked for them in school together with the three boys. In this way, she helped Wanda to avoid her having to do it and deal with the press that was looking for her in those days.

Last week, in the midst of the new crisis between the businesswoman and the PSG player, an attitude of her in her social networks surprised others and generated a stir: posted a photo of Maxi with her three children and her partner, Daniela christiansson, during the holidays in Italy that they enjoy these days. That rapprochement between Wanda and her ex-husband showed that they managed to overcome all the legal barriers that they had put in place during the years they were separated.

Wanda Nara's post on her Instagram account
Wanda Nara’s post on her Instagram account

Now, what is the reason for the change in relationship between Wanda Nara and Maxi López? Who explained it was Ana Rosenfeld, a lawyer for the businesswoman and who on other occasions has detailed the legal actions that the former River player knew how to initiate for non-compliance with the food quota.

“He was the historical defaulter due to non-payment of the maintenance fee, and two months ago we were finally able to reach an agreement with his new lawyer,” explained the legal representative in dialogue with Andy Kusnetzoff in PH We Can Talk. And he elaborated on the gesture he had in the last time thanks to which he managed to rebuild the relationship with Wanda: “Maxi not only paid all the accumulated seven-year debt, but also insured the food quota until the age of majority of his children”.

Thus, the lawyer warned: “Therefore, the relationship between Maxi and Wanda was not reestablished as people think, as a result of what Wanda is experiencing at the moment,” she considered. What really happened is that they both understood that they have three wonderful children. “

This Monday, Maxi López shared different photos of his vacation with his children and his girlfriend and wrote an emotional post on his social networks in which he also mentioned Wanda Nara. Something that had never happened since they got divorced.

The post of Maxi López
The post of Maxi López

“I cannot describe in words these last weeks. After many years, having the possibility to share all this time together makes my life full of happiness”, He celebrated about the days he spent with his three children. “It makes me happy that we can once again help them grow together with their mother @wanda_icardi “He added, mentioning the official account of his ex-wife.

And he wrote a special message to his partner: “The greatest gift is a life full of peace, love and serenity for you. Thank you @danielachristiansson that you join these 4 earthquakes together always with your unconditional support and a smile”.

In this way, Wanda Nara managed to leave behind any type of legal and public conflict that she had with the father of her children. For his part, in the last hours, Mauro Icardi posted photos of the reunion with his wife, with whom he traveled to their country house in Italy with their daughters. From there, both uploaded family images to their social networks that show that they bet on their relationship again (they recently completed seven years of marriage). Meanwhile, Wanda Nara is expected to speak for the first time on television when filming a special with Susana gimenez, who will land in Paris on November 18.


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The truth behind the sudden good relationship between Wanda Nara and Maxi López