The two times that King Juan Carlos wanted to divorce Queen Sofia

Queen sofia he turned 83 on November 2. As it was not a round date, there was no celebration beyond the flower arrangements that arrived in Zarzuela and the face-to-face congratulations from his family, including the grandchildren Marichalar and the Infanta Sofía.

When he turned 80, there was a party in the palace with a lunch attended by the direct relatives and the King emeritus. The following year Don Juan Carlos was also present and in the one of the pandemic he celebrated it with his sister, princess irene, and the retired monarch also repeated. At least this was reported to indicate that the marriage relationship had changed since he disappeared from the affective scene. Corinna larsen.

The mild 83 years of Queen Sofía

Ricardo Mateos Sáinz de Medrano

It should be remembered that before the march to the Emirates, the Emeritus Kings had moved closer together. Even they came to share a few days in Sanxenxo to which the Infanta Elena was added. Father and daughter participated in one of the regattas that were celebrated on those dates in the Galician town. It was the first time that Doña Sofía attended as a spectator and that presence was the great surprise. For many years, the royal couple had not shared recreational activities, only those that were set on the institutional agenda.

King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofía and Infanta Elena in Sanxenxo. (EFE / Salvador Sas)

From that moment it was interpreted that the affective relationships had changed. There was no longer on the horizon, neither present nor future, the former Princess Corinna, for whom the emeritus was about to break up his marriage definitely.

The only woman who continued to accompany him as a true friend, and not endearing, as Corinna defined their relationship, was Marta Gayà. He continues his friendship with the Mallorcan lady and has been one of the few people outside the inner circle of the King who has visited you in your tax withdrawal from Abu Dhabi. These two women have been the only ones for whom the emeritus would have been willing to divorce.

Doña Sofía, despite everything, would never have raised an official and legal separation with her husband. He would never have accepted the divorce and even when the Infanta Elena raised her marital breakup with Jaime MarichalarDon Juan Carlos supported the daughter from the first moment, while the mother advised her to endure. Times had changed and the princes of Wales had opened the ban, although it was a shock, being the first infanta of Spain to divorce.

Corinna Larsen in a file image. (Getty)

Years ago, in February 2012, Don Juan Carlos gathered his three children at the El Landó restaurant to inform them of their situation and the possibility of an official and legal separation from Queen Sofia. On those dates the relationship with Corinna Larsen was so stable that this determination was part of the affective agenda of the head of State. From that time are the institutional trips in which the “dear friend” participated.

The day of the restaurant was the confirmation of that affective decision that never became effective, but that the children knew from their father. Many years before, something similar happened with Marta Gayà, the discreet woman who has never wanted to have a leading role.

Marta Gayá in a file image. (Getty)

Of this divorce, which would have been impossible at the time, news was heard when it was leaked the conversation that don Juan Carlos had with his soul friend and owner of the Bribón, Josep Cusí. The CESID, the secret service prior to the CNI, recorded the conversation in which the King spoke with full confidence to his interlocutor of his state of mind, of how happy he was with Marta Gayà. It was such an emotionally stable relationship that it has lasted until now.

The emerita would never have been divorced, but the king would. Both are now octogenarians, it may be that they have found that connecting link that gives being in a present where the future seems to unite them again.

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The two times that King Juan Carlos wanted to divorce Queen Sofia