The unfinished business of Prince Louis of Cambridge

Like the rest of the children, from birth to adulthood, the members of the different royal houses meet challenges and objectives. On the one hand, they begin to take their first steps, say their first words or start school. However, in the case of little royalsthey are also reaching a set of goals that differentiate them from others. One of them has to do with their first official acts, your first speech or your first international trip. Milestones that mark his institutional career and that, every time one of them takes place, is quite an event.

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The Cambridges leaving the hospital with their son Louis. / Gtres

In the case of the children of dukes of cambridge, although they are all still small, they have already been participating in some issues, such as official events, photo sessions and the like. However, there is an issue that marks the distance between the little one in the family and the others. And it is that, unlike george and charlotte, Prince Louis has not yet had the opportunity to take a trip abroad.

A reality that, probably in your situation, It has a lot to do with the coronavirus pandemic. that has been plaguing the entire world for the last two years. In fact, although other royals have resumed their international agenda quite quickly, the Kate Middleton He did not go on his first trip abroad until very recently, when he visited Denmark for two days.

Prince William kisses his youngest son. / Gtres

sibling differences

The prince george He made his international debut in April 2014, a few weeks shy of his first birthday. The Prince traveled with his parents to a major tour to Australia and New Zealand when he was eight months old. An endearing journey that gave us fun images of the royal, for example, in the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. A trip that is very reminiscent of the one made by his father, Prince William, with his parents, the princes of Wales, when he was just a baby.

In the same way, her sister, Princess Charlotte traveled with her closest family to Canada in 2016, when I was sixteen months old. In addition, according to what she learned then, the Princess said her first word on this tour, when she yelled ‘pop’ when she saw a bouquet of balloons at a children’s party. Later, the two brothers visited Germany and Poland together with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in 2017.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children in Canada. / Gtres

However, about to turn four years old -on April 23rd-, Louis has not made any official international travel. This is not to say that the Prince has not been out of the UK, as the family has been on holiday in various places including Jordan, but we have not seen him on an international visit.

However, shortly the Cambridges have the opportunity for their youngest son to accompany them on an important journey. According to official sources, the Duke and Duchess are going to tour the Caribbean on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen Isabel, which celebrates seventy years of reign. They are not the only ones who are going to travel, since visits from the Prince of Wales and his wife, Princess Anne or the Earls of Wessex.

Prince Louis, in the arms of the Queen in a family photo. / Gtres

In the case of Kate and Guillermo, although not many details have been given about this new trip, yes it is known that it will be from March 19 to 26 and that they will visit Belize, Jamaica and The Bahamas. Definitely, a perfect journey for little Louis to make his official debut outside of the UK.

For now, it has not been confirmed if the couple intends that any of their children accompany them, although, if so, the most logical thing is that it was Louis, not only because he has never carried out such a trip, but also because , coincides with school season and the two eldest are already at a stage in which it is better not to miss class if there is no justified reason. Princes George and Charlotte study at the Thomas’s Battersea College of London, while the minor is registered with the Willcocks Nursery School.

Until it is confirmed if any of the princes accompany them, what we do know is that those who remain in the United Kingdom will be under the care of the mother of the Duchess of Cambridge and the family’s Spanish nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion.

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The unfinished business of Prince Louis of Cambridge