The unknown loves and pains that unite David Zepeda and Susana González

David Zepeda and Susana González had never acted together until they were selected to star in ‘my fortune is to love you‘. They knew each other from events, awards and parties. However, according to what they told Yahoo Vida y Estilo, they have become endearing colleagues thanks to several unexpected things that have brought them together in the recording forum, among which are dancing, dueling and dogs.

David Zepeda and Susana González at Premio Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina 2022 in Miami

David Zepeda and Susana González at Premio Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina de 2022 in Miami (Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Univision)

“I would never have imagined that Susana is such a funny woman,” Zepeda said when he told what had surprised him about his co-star. “We have mutual colleagues who rave about her, but no one had told me how much fun she is to work with.”

It’s a beautiful response that anyone would want to hear from a co-worker, but from Zepeda’s lips it sounds particularly good. The actor plays Vicente “Chente” Ramírez Pérez, a widower with a young son, in the telenovela. Gonzalez becomes her housemate after her husband leaves her broke after running away with her best friend and taking all the family money.

“The story is difficult, even though we are working on it in a telenovela format that combines melodrama and comedy. There is nothing better than having a good time while we are telling it,” he said. Susan Gonzalez, who plays Natalia Robles García. The romance between the protagonists is accompanied by death, betrayal and even financial fraud.

“This woman makes us all dance in the forum. It is impossible to escape her and she has created a spectacular atmosphere,” revealed Zepeda, referring to González. While the actress laughs and acknowledges that dancing is something that makes her happy.

The public has known her talent for dance both in the reality show ‘Dancing for the wedding of my dreams’ in 2009 and in the musical theater play ‘Aventurera’. However, it was not known how she infects everyone with the joy that moving the body gives.

According to what they said, some of these dances in ‘Mi fortuna es amarte’ were initially captured on TikTok and were later incorporated into Zepeda’s character, as has been seen in some of the episodes of the telenovela that was initially broadcast in Mexico and the United States. .

The sense of humor and movement is not the only thing that has united these two stars of Mexican acting. Susan Gonzalez and David Zepeda they have discovered that they share a soulful passion for their pets. They even agree that they would not hesitate to risk their lives for them, in case of an emergency.

González said that he has eight little animals that he “adores” and that he considers “an important part of his family.”

For his part, Zepeda has three dogs, two large and one smaller, and he loves them “madly,” he said. The female dog was rescued by himself when she saw her injured on the streets of Mexico City in 2014.

The actor described his puppies as the “illusion” of coming home and the owners “of an important part of my heart.” In fact, he stressed that “the world would be a much better place if human beings had the ability to love unconditionally like dogs.”

Susana González and David Zepeda have also joined in their mourning for the untimely death of Carmen Salinas, who was part of the cast from ‘My fortune is to love you’.

The artists admitted that “despite the good times and everyone’s efforts,” the veteran actress’s absence hit them “very hard.”

Carmen Salinas passed away in December 2021 after suffering a stroke that left her in a coma for almost a month. In the telenovela, the Mexican artist played Doña Magos in the melodrama.

As if all this in common was not enough to make a very special dumbbell, Zepeda and González are, in addition, one of those actors who began their projects bringing prepared food from home to maintain that diet that allows them, with exercise, to take care of their great bodies. . However, the two admitted that they have given up and already share the food with the rest of the team. “It’s delicious,” said the actress, before Zepeda’s giant smile. In this type of production, Televisa hires ‘catering’ services for the staff that is in front of and behind the cameras.

That doesn’t mean they are careless. “But you have to treat yourself from time to time,” said the actor, who confessed that soap operas are projects “that require many hours of work,” so you have to “know how to balance” discipline with relaxation.

Judging by the artists’ statements, the experience of ‘Mi fortuna es amarte’ will be unforgettable for both of them because of the good and the difficult, but also because they have become “good friends”.

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The unknown loves and pains that unite David Zepeda and Susana González