The war between the Windsors and the BBC rages on: Guillermo and Kate veto the chain

Action, reaction, so we could define the latest news about the complicated relationship between the British royal family and public television. After the broadcast of the documentary ‘The princes and the press’, the Windsors rebel and strike back. Guillermo and Kate veto the BBC in what will be their first big Christmas act, next December. The Duchess of Cambridge will host a carol concert at Westminster Abbey, which will also be of solidarity. And the English will be able to see it on television, but not where it was expected.

On this occasion, the BBC, which is the public channel, is left out and ITV will be the one who broadcast it exclusively. It is an important event, because it is the first time that something similar has been done and it will also be attended by Prince William, who will see his wife in a prominent place among the public, probably accompanied by their children. According to a source revealed to the newspaper ‘The Sun’: “This is a real hit for ITV. It’s a whole new format – royalty has never hosted a televised concert before, and having the Duchess at the helm is a huge draw. Naturally, most of the actual programming automatically goes to the BBC as a national broadcaster. Now it seems that they will work more with ITV in the future ”.

Last year’s Cambridge Christmas greetings. (Reuters)

It has been quite a surprise for the new best television friends of the royal family. “ITV was very surprised, but delighted to receive the last call offering them this incredible exclusive. It will be a fantastic Christmas carol concert that it will be television gold for the spectators at home ”, they affirm in ‘The Sun’.

But what has happened so that the relations of the British Royal House and the BBC are at this critical point? It is evident that neither Elizabeth II nor the rest of the family forgive that they were not allowed to view before its broadcast the documentary ‘The princes and the press’, which premiered last Monday and which deals precisely with the Windsors’ difficult relationship with the media.

Even before it aired and personally seeing what was being told, Buckingham, Clarence House and Kensington expressed their discomfort in a joint statement that read like this: “A free, responsible and open press is of vital importance for a healthy democracy. However, too often, inflated and unsubstantiated claims by anonymous sources are presented as fact.. And it is disappointing when anyone, including the BBC, gives them credibility. ”

Their answer has not stopped there, they have retaliated … It seems that everything was prepared for public television to broadcast Kate’s Christmas carol concert, but, according to the aforementioned source, “It was changed in recent days due to the terrible dispute over the documentary. And things are likely to get even worse, as the next chapter threatens to go further. ”

The new episode will air on Monday, November 29 and will have Meghan Markle as one of the protagonists. She has been the only one of the family to participate in this documentary and Your attorney, Jenny Afia, will answer a few questions about the Duchess of Sussex. In her day, she denied that her client had harassed her service personnel, as it was said in the press, and insists on it again, as has been seen in the trailer for the new installment. “The general accusation was that the Duchess of Sussex is guilty of harassment,” he begins by saying. The journalist asks him: “And is it?”; Afia responds: “Absolutely not.” As is logical, the family of Prince Harry has not seen favorably that Meghan has been part of this project, more considering the possibility that she had been informed about what the different chapters were going to be about, while the rest no.

Meghan Markle, during her participation in ‘The Ellen Show’. (NBC)

A source corroborates this rumor in ‘The Sun’: “Clearly, Meghan was briefed on everything and got her lawyer there to protect her reputation. The entire documentary is biased. It’s all his interpretation of the facts: that the media was racist and targeted Markle because Guillermo and his team were against him from the start. The documentary is simply on the side of Prince Harry. ” This will only further distance the Dukes of Sussex from the royal family.

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The war between the Windsors and the BBC rages on: Guillermo and Kate veto the chain