The weight of Adamari López causes controversy again: women have no way to win

Friend, you’re going to disappear. Don’t go down anymore. You are beautiful”… This was the comment that the animator Héctor Sandarti made in a publication that he shared Adamari Lopez.

Joy flows in the short video where the talented Puerto Rican appears dancing with a group of ladies to the 70’s hit “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”. The nice publication generated a lot of positive comments, but Héctor Sandarti’s ignited the controversy, because it sounds like what some impertinent friend might tell you, because it must be said that although we all have the right to an opinion, giving it about other people’s bodies is recognized as disrespectful.

However, many agreed with the also famous driver and soon the discussion became more heated when the debate arose whether López lost weight thanks to a correction in his diet or had bariatric surgery. Countless comments judge whether it was good to have surgery or not, if it is good to go on a diet, and of course, the figure and beauty of the entertainer and actress.

Although Sandarti is known for his sympathy in front of the cameras, he also received some strong responses from some outraged followers. “Your comment was very unwise”; “That comment is made in private and if they ask you” or “What a comment more out of place”, and it is inevitable to put on the table that women never really win. There is always someone looking to correct something that does not seem to please or conform to what is expected of us.

Adamari López. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Billboard)

Adamari Lopez. (Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Billboard)

The same Adamari Lopez He was the subject of harsh criticism when he was overweight. That if she dressed badly, that nothing suited her, that she wore very baggy clothes, or very short dresses, or very tight. They are like litanies that seem impossible to stop listening to, or reading, whatever you do.

Khloe Kardashian it is permanently in the eye of the hurricane for the same reason; Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift have also been criticized for being too skinny, regardless of talent or success as singers; Adele was subjected to cruel comments for being overweight, and when she lost weight she was singled out for “dropping out” on the plus size side. Gaby Espino usually stars in very crude debates regarding her weight, and thus, famous and common women are exposed to being judged -on networks and live and direct- for our appearance.

It seems that the famous, because they are, have to endure everything, and it is not. They are human beings who are affected like anyone else. However, they may have more access to advice and support on how to deal with these waves of lawsuits. And those of us who are not famous?

The image consultant Deicy Sanabria he has developed some tools through his own learning and experience. Being very skinny has not exempted her from criticism, judgment and insecurities, which is why she has understood over time that the first step to face it and relate positively to herself is to take away the power of external validation.

In the search for acceptance by her own body and the harmony of living with herself, she has concluded that with patience you can build solid foundations to feel comfortable with who we are; He also mentions the importance of avoid comparing ourselves, even if necessary, stop following people on social networks that affect us in that sense.

In addition, be aware that women are constantly changing, our body is not always the same, nor do we feel the same. And, among many other recommendations, be grateful with our own body.

(Getty Creative)

(Getty Creative)

The psychologist specializing in body image and eating behavior disorders agrees with this, Mary Theresa Valero, who highlights the value of recognizing what our body, regardless of its appearance, does for us every day. For example, the legs that others criticize us -or that we judge ourselves- are the ones that take us and bring us, allow us to run, jump and dance as Adamari in your video.

So, ignoring the opinion and judgments of others, and taking care not to make them ourselves, will also pave the way to a future in which the topic of conversation does not include attacks and comments on one’s physical structure or that of others.


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The weight of Adamari López causes controversy again: women have no way to win