The weights that I copied from the ‘celebrities’ and use to exercise at home

Weights, weights, ankle weights, weights or, now, bangles. They have a dozen names and, above all, countless followers who have incorporated them into their exercise routine in recent months. No one had ever exercised as much at home as in 2020, so it was the perfect occasion for many of us to learn what kinds of routines work best for our body and mind. The point was that, whichever were chosen, almost all could be optimized with the addition of weights.

They quickly became trend in hollywood (celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Lucy Hale were seen walking with them on their ankles) and, above all, They made an important niche in social networks: not only for being the accessory fitness fashion, but also for a good amount of appetizing color designs that made them the perfect protagonists of an Instagram photo.

Various brands have triumphed in the USA and here there is, without a doubt, a firm that has managed to place itself on the podium. Of brand Spain and, by the way, at an unbeatable price if you compare with the rest of its typology available in the market. It’s about the bangles of Chic & Love that are already used by all influencers and that are sweeping Amazon by selling out over and over again.

What are the benefits of using wrist and ankle weights?

In addition to having registered them in countless profiles of influencers experts in fitness, I started to notice the benefits of this accessory (and it didn’t just happen to me, here the testimony of a colleague from EL PAÍS Escaparate) when doing the movements in toning exercises for both arms and legs: They ended up being more controlled and precise, avoiding risks of injury and helping to strengthen the area and increase the effect of the exercise.

But I have to confess that it was when I discovered the bangles from Chic & Love when I really became fond of using them: they are very comfortable to include in your routine, thanks to small high-quality silicone bars that go around the velcro strap that you can adjust to your wrists or ankles whatever their size and shape. They weigh 0.45 kg. each one and, of course, they are pretty, delicate and highly photographic.

In addition, experts also recommend them: “The main reason why ankle weights are so good and why they are once again a fashion accessory is their versatility. You can take them anywhere and use them in many types of exercises that can help tone your entire body. When used correctly, weighted ankle braces can also be helpful in physical therapy, for example if you sustain hamstring injuries. Even just walking with them can make a difference ”, explains the team of Evergy fitness.


When to use ankle and wrist weights?

They are explained to us by the de Evergy fitness:

1. If you are just starting out, start with light weights. When you can do 12 to 15 reps without challenging it, you can shift to a little more weight.

2. Weights are useful for exercises that target the leg and hip muscles, like leg raises. Do not use them during aerobic workouts, because they could cause a muscle imbalance.

3. The ideal exercises to perform with weight anklets are: lower body specials to shape your glutes. From back kicks, focusing all tension on the upper glute, to side kicks, lunges, and squats, coupled with leg raises. They are also great for adding more intensity to your abs sessions, with lying leg raises, crunch abdominal and abdominal bikes. Without forgetting the cardio, for walks, running technique and even in functional HIIT workouts as climbers and burpees.

Ideal for this series of exercises recommended by the experts, the bangles by Chic & Love have numerous reviews on Amazon that guarantee their success. In addition, they are available in both pink and green and include a practical bag for storage.


* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of December 22, 2021.

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The weights that I copied from the ‘celebrities’ and use to exercise at home