The word of Paulo Londra’s former mother-in-law: “The dialogue between them is not always healthy and ends well”

The word of Rocío Moreno’s mother after the birth of her granddaughter and in the midst of the conflict with Paulo Londra (Video: “Intruders” – America)

This morning, and in the midst of the tense relationship between Paul London and his ex, Rocio Moreno, their second daughter was born Francisca. “The baby is fine and now to wait”, said the singer before the press that was waiting for him. When asked if he had already held the newborn in his arms, he replied: “Yes, yes. The girl has already dropped a milk, so she pussy. Now I am going to look for the eldest of her and be with her.” Without further statements, he left the place in a car driven by his mother.

However, the chronicler intruders, Paul Layus he also managed to get the woman to give him a few words. “We are happy, we love our granddaughters,” she said. In relation to the demand that his daughter-in-law made to his son, pointed out: “On our part there was never anything wrong, thank God.” And he closed: “We are really happy, I hope to meet her soon.”

The truth is that, after it emerged that Londra was not in labor at the express request of her ex, on Monday afternoon who spoke was Marine, her mother-in-law and the only person who witnessed the birth. “Ro is fine, recovering. I am happy to have participated in this special moment, it is something inexplicable, the sensations are all wonderful. I had to be in childbirth, in the birth of a granddaughter. It is a set of feelings, to see one’s daughter in a caesarean section …. ”, she began by expressing herself. And she referred to the fact of accompanying her daughter in that intimate moment: “It was already talked about before, so that she has a calm delivery and is contained, and they thought that the best thing was for me to accompany her”.

The first photo of Paulo Londra's daughter
The first photo of Paulo Londra’s daughter

Then, Maite Penonori He consulted her about the alleged episode that had happened last Friday, in which in the middle of a fight he ended up insulting Rocío and that is why the young woman asked Anne Rosenfeld make a complaint for psychological violence. “There are several situations that are recurrent in this that out there the dialogue is not always healthy and yes, it does not always end well. In the state of her above all, in which she was and in which she is still today, it is not for less that she is distressed “Marina assured. But she acknowledged:They will have to pass it, agreelearn that there are some girls in the middle and they will have to cope with this and find a balance in the dialogue”.

On the other hand, he told details of the moment in which the interpreter met his son. “Paulo came because Rocío told him the date of the cesarean section, the time. There was a permanent dialogue during the day, first he with Rocío and then with me. He comes before the cesarean occurs, settles in the room and once the baby was already in the neo part, he stays to see her. I took the photo that he uploaded, ”he assured.

Finally, he revealed an unusual fact of the birth of the couple’s first daughter. “It is true that Paulo was with the Play in the first delivery. In this no, he accompanied the baby in neo and then came to the room to ask how Rocío was doing”. “We try not to be two sides of the family, it is something that the boys have to solve, it’s not healthy to be sick”.


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The word of Paulo Londra’s former mother-in-law: “The dialogue between them is not always healthy and ends well”