The year of Adamari López: changes, diet, Miss Universe and a ‘calm’ heart

This 2021 has been the year of Adamari López. The Puerto Rican presenter has had significant professional growth on the Telemundo network, which led her to extend her influence beyond the morning show Today, Y be a jury of the competition This is how you dance. Now he has just returned from Israel where he helped choose the most beautiful woman in the Miss Universe pageant, in which Miss India, Harnaaz Sandhu, was crowned.

” I returned happy and full of energy. It was a very nice experience talking with them [las reinas de bellleza] and to know the topics that they want to talk about and that are so current, such as mental health, that some have had to face; the bullying; how we can take care of our environment and how climate change is affecting us ”, López acknowledged on a Facebook Live with el Nuevo Herald.

The presenter spoke of RISE program and help from Comcast for Hispanic and other minority small businesses, and also addressed personal achievements such as her weight loss, which makes her an inspiration to many people who want to regain their figure and feel healthy.

López also did not avoid addressing in the conversation with the Herald the controversy of the moment, an alleged discrimination against the first finalist of the contest, Miss Paraguay, Nadia Ferreira, which caused discomfort and criticism on social networks from some people who followed the contest with passion.

“For many people, a beauty pageant is like the Super Bowl for Americans,” said López, indicating that the decision to choose Miss Universe did not correspond to a single person but to the jury, and that she was the only Latina to do so. full.

“What more would I have wanted a Latina to have emerged as queen of the universe, what more would I have wanted than that of my land, that of Puerto Rico, would have become a finalist, but the organization makes it clear that a range of possibilities must be observed and that it is not only about locking ourselves in what touches the fiber, but focusing on the qualities, “he said.

The presenter believes that any of the finalists: the winner, Harnaaz Sandhu, Nadia Ferreira and Miss South Africa, Lalela Lali Mswane, had qualities to wear the crown.

“The three were intelligent, they had presence, they moved spectacularly on the stage, they shone in the parades,” he said, noting that “some answers stood out more than others and that was what led to the final result ”.

Comcast helps small businesses

López repeats this year as a spokesperson for Comcast’s campaign to continue helping small businesses. In 2021, the cable company helped more than 100 companies with about a million dollars, and the opportunities to receive subsidies for different purposes extend until January 15, he said. López, explaining the aid available through the RISE program.

Small businesses in Miami-Dade and Broward can go to the page and request help to:

Marketing advice: help with a plan to make the business successful.

Production and financing of television commercials so that the business is known in the area it is established.

Technological renovation so that the business can keep up to date.

Beginning January 16, Comcast will extend that assistance to businesses that are owned by women and women who also belong to a minority.

The Puerto Rican presenter Adamari López spoke with the Nuevo Herald about her presence on the jury for Miss Universe, the Comcast RISE program that helps small businesses, her diet to lose weight and the optimism with which she assumes the changes in her life. Courtesy Adamari López’s Instagram.

Diet, peccadilloes and the calm heart of Adamari

If I had to find a qualifier for this year in which you experienced a rise in your professional profile and at the same time drastic personal changes and a spectacular new figure, Adamari López he prefers to describe it as “a year of opportunity.”

A year to continue learning, improving, becoming stronger, valuing myself more and valuing more what I have around me, and thanking, which is always a word that I have on my lips, for the affection of the public, the support of the company, love of the family, ”said López, who does not want to focus on the hardest of 2021.

In May Adamari ended a 10-year relationship with dancer and choreographer Toni Costa, father of her daughter Alaïa.

“I prefer to avoid that way of looking at everything from a negative side. Yes, there have been hard things, but there have also been many beautiful things ”, she pointed out, mentioning Alaïa, and the opportunities to work on what she likes and“ rediscover herself ”.

Lose weight and exercise They are decisions that benefit her, she said, and also allow her to be an example for other women. “If we set ourselves things, we can achieve them.”

“This is a process, you have to make many sacrifices, go hungry, especially for those of us who like to eat,” acknowledged López, who confessed his weakness for “bread, rice and soft drinks.”

He also referred to the importance of maintaining the discipline of a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

“Now I eat small portions of things that feed me, I try to have water, fruits, and usually in the morning I eat a boiled egg,” he said, indicating that he records everything he eats through the WW application (Weight Watchers ).

López has been an ambassador for the Latin market of the Oprah Winfrey’s weight loss show.

However, he does not deny that he gives himself his tastes, and now at parties he has tasted a little of “Coquito”, the delicious Puerto Rican drink, which contains a lot of calories, and at the same time brightens the day to a few.

Willing to receive 2022 with recharged energies, the presenter pointed out that her heart is “calm and at peace because she knows that she has done things well.

“I am proud of the decisions I have made and of what I am valuing myself as a person and as a woman,” she concluded.

Adamari Lopez_HighResPhoto 1
Adamari López shows off her new slimmer figure. You have to set goals to lose weight, he acknowledges.

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The year of Adamari López: changes, diet, Miss Universe and a ‘calm’ heart