Thelma Fardin spoke about how her fight against Juan Darthés affects her: “Not only in my relationships does it get complicated”

The actress gave details of the judicial process in an interview with Alejandro Fantino

Thelma Fardin reappeared on television, after being admitted to the Pirovano Hospital, from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, due to a peak of stress. His health was affected by the trial against Juan Darthes, for aggravated rape, which began at the end of last year in Brazil. The hearings will begin on January 27, after the judicial fair.

“It’s a complex moment, my life is still marked by that, I need it to end,” said the actress in an interview with Alexander Fantinus. Also, in the cycle intractable (America) referred to the exhaustion she feels from everything that has happened: “I am battling for 3 calendar years and 3 thousand years in the body”.

When the driver asked her if she thought about her fight every day, the former Ugly Duckling He replied, “There isn’t a week that I don’t think about it.” Then, he explained: “There I am just achieving something personally and there is always some writing that the judge sends on his behalf and I find out. In this process I am very interested in knowing what is happening judicially. I could not be interested and say: ‘I have great lawyers and I relax on that’. But I’m someone who needs to know what’s going on.”

To exemplify, he recounted an episode that happened to him while he was celebrating his 27th birthday two years ago: “My lawyer from Nicaragua calls me to tell me: ‘Finally they are going to accuse him of aggravated rape.’ At that moment, everything that happens in the cause is not something to celebrate, everything bursts into your life and you say: ‘What a jerk that he’s having to go through this’”.

The artist also spoke of the rumors that ensured her separation from Camilo Vaca Narvaja: “Just these days it came out with very little journalistic rigor that we parted ways.” Then, he explained: “And the truth is that, without a doubt, this crime has many more victims than me. I am, of course, the one who suffered the most, but it had better affect my environment… It’s not only in my relationship as a couple that it gets complicated. It is difficult, hard, exhausting, but I am surrounded by very beautiful people and I do not want to give the entity to that that marked me forever.

Thelma Fardin is waiting for the trial against Juan Darthés to restart
Thelma Fardin is waiting for the trial against Juan Darthés to restart

“I paid, I pay, and I hope to stop paying at some point, a very high cost for the decision I made”, Thelma revealed about the consequences of making the complaint, especially the impact it had on the workplace: “As I have been working since I was very young, I know many people who love me and who are at those tables where decisions are made.. They openly tell me that my name comes out and they say no because it is closely linked to this issue.

On the other hand, Fardin explained why he decided to make the complaint against Darthés: “I felt a lot of guilt for not having told it because you see that it continues to happen to other people. There is a documentary that shows how, if they had listened to the first one who spoke, it would not have happened to others. When I saw it my head exploded. I felt a great responsibility and guilt.”

Although the actress has repeatedly expressed the problems that exist in the judicial system, she stressed that in the development of her case, which occurred in Argentina, Nicaragua and Brazil, she has obtained answers. “I think that somehow I got justice every time a person comes up to me and says ‘I spoke because you spoke,'” she stated, very proud.

Finally, he referred to the commitment he feels towards the new generations for contributing a grain of sand to improve the world: “If I want to have children, with my nieces I have the need to tell them: ‘This world is unfair, it works badly and it’s messed up. up, but I swear I did everything I could, everything that was within my reach.


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Thelma Fardin spoke about how her fight against Juan Darthés affects her: “Not only in my relationships does it get complicated”