Thelma Fardin’s strong response when a follower mentioned Juan Darthés

Thelma Fardin was hospitalized last week for a spike in post traumatic stress
Thelma Fardin was hospitalized last week for a spike in post traumatic stress

These are not easy days for Thelma Fardin. After at the beginning of December the trial that had begun against Juan Darthés due to aggravated rape, in recent days this had an impact on his health and it transpired that was admitted to the Pirovano Hospital due to a spike in post traumatic stress. This last Friday, received the discharge and already at home, the actress prepared to interact with her followers of Instagram.

“New member Can you help me with your name?”, he consulted them with a photo in which he showed a dog, which he apparently adopted in the last hours. He then shared a screenshot of some of the responses he received. Some of them, with good suggestions, but there was one in particular that outraged her: “Does Juan Darthes serve you?”, was the reply of one of the Internet users. Annoyed, Fardin wrote: “There are a couple of these psychopaths who believe that there is no human being on the other side.” However, immediately afterwards she thanked those who did collaborate with her: “And many, many spectacular ones full of love! Thanks for taking the time. I’m making a list! ”.

Thelma Fardin's outrage against a follower who mentioned Juan Darthés
Thelma Fardin’s outrage against a follower who mentioned Juan Darthés

On November 30, his trial against the actor began in São Paulo. However, after just two days, was suspended, thus delaying the statements of several of the witnesses, the accused and, therefore, the sentence.

Days before the suspension, Thelma had declared for more than four hours virtually before the judge Alí Mazloum. “I am exhausted, but proud to have made it here. It was a very long day. I spent all these hours declaring, answering all the questions. . I am grateful for having been heard in the courts, ”she reflected upon leaving the Specialized Unit for Violence against Women (UFEM), of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Nation where the zoom was made. Then it was the turn of Calu Rivero, who also did it virtually. The actress who shared the cast with Darthés did so from the Argentine consulate in Rome, city in which he was in those days. His statement lasted three hours and at the end, he said that “He was a healer” to be able to address “your abuser”.

Later, other witnesses gave their word and the statement of Anita Co it had to be suspended due to lack of time and still has no date. Then it became known that the trial in its entirety remained in stand by until January 27. Raquel Hermida Legend, lawyer of the actresses witnesses in the case, explained to Teleshow the reasons for the suspension. “In a criminal case, the first to testify is always the victim (Fardin), then international organizations, if there were any (the Argentine consulate in Rome this time), then there is an order of witnesses that is respected and last, the accused ”, explained about the process.

On a personal level, in September Thelma had confirmed to Teleshow what is his relationship with Camilo Vaca Narvaja, who was a couple of Florence Kirchner between 2013 and 2015, and with whom he had a daughter, Helena. “Yes, we are in a couple”, He assured, and without giving details about the beginnings of the relationship, he celebrated: “We are happy and in love.” Thus confirming that the photos in which they were seen separately enjoying a Mendoza wine, were from the same day and place.


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Thelma Fardin’s strong response when a follower mentioned Juan Darthés