“There was witchcraft” Who would seek to separate Los Nodeli?

Belinda and Christian Nodal They have sparked a wave of controversy and seem to have no end, to this is added the statements of the famous seer “Ramses” who assures that the romance between “Los Nodeli” came with a work of “witchcraft”.

The singer, Belinda and the “regional Mexican”, have not clarified until now the reasons for their alleged breakup, however, the two have already begun to win with all this controversy “What does the famous seer of the stars say about The Nodeli?”

Apparently, the same users on social networks would be interested in knowing the predictions of the famous person, who calls himself “the creator of the future”, Ramses, whose program ¡Release it Here! recently spoke.

In the middle of a live broadcast, the seer explained what his card reading shows about the controversial relationship between the “Spanish” and the 23-year-old musician: “There were some negative energies, a dark situation,” the seer reiterated at the beginning of the broadcast.

What he had said from the beginning, that ‘witchcraft’ was seen, in this relationship, someone who had done things, described the seer to the host Angélica Palacios in Let go of it here!

The popular astrogoer hinted that “someone would have created a strong situation between the couple to prevent them from being well”, to two cameras the expert showed some of these readings without “maneuvers involved”.

With a photo of the couple on the table, the seer explained that he would do a reading of quartz, snails and tarot, to decipher the type of energy that accompanied the duo during the time of their courtship.

Ramses, for his part, mentions that the one remembered for children’s productions such as “Sidekicks to the rescue“(2002), among others, Belinda Peregrín Schüll and Nodal, “are soul mates”, however, “negative energies prevented them from being together”, he assures.

The expert began with a quartz reading to find out which of the two brings the strongest energy, he commented when he first made a prayer, this was what he said about the “TV actress“, of whom he remembered, was the first to predict his courtship with the Mexican regional.

As for Nodal, the quartz confirmed that by the interpreter of “Adiós Amor” there was a “separation” job by showing a black quartz on the figure of the “sonorense”: “It must be purged, there is a santeria job” , he reaffirmed.

Later, when throwing the snails with a prayer at the beginning before any questioning, the astrologer indicated that it was a woman, who would have performed a ritual so that in the case of the one born in Madrid on August 15, 1992, “Beli“, deviate from his life, “roads closed” he commented, while the “Belinda’s ex-fiancé” The “ego” of the artist would contribute to their separation, according to what he commented.

Likewise, he assures that the “businesswoman” and her “ex-fiancé” will speak again since a legal battle is still pending, he confirmed.

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“There was witchcraft” Who would seek to separate Los Nodeli?