These are the tattoos that Nodal would have to erase after ending his relationship with Belinda

The love relationship of Christian Nodal and Belinda was surrounded by rumors about their breakup. Although it had been commented for several weeks, both by the media and by his followers, it was not until February 12 that the Mexican singer confirmed the end of his relationship with the interpreter of “Luz singravida”.

Without further explanation and through a story on his Instagram account, Nodal announced that he had ended his relationship with Belinda. “We have decided to end our commitment and our relationship as a couple, each taking the best of the other,” says the message. In addition, the Mexican regional music performer made it clear that he will not talk about it anymore.

In addition to the luxurious gifts, the trips and the engagement ring, valued at 3 million dollars, another of the topics that the ex-partner’s fans have mentioned is what will happen to the tattoos that the singer of “Botella after bottle” did in honor of his ex-fiancée. Will you delete or modify them? So far there is no certainty.

The first time Nodal got a tattoo alluding to his then-girlfriend was in August 2020, shortly after Belinda confirmed their relationship. The word “Beli” can be read next to his right ear, which corresponds to the name of the actress, according to her followers.

For that date, the singer of “Bella betrayal” shared her “proof of love” on her Instagram account, which did not please all her audience since some accused her of “marking all her boyfriends” with tattoos.

One of the best known is Lupillo Rivera, who had Belinda’s face tattooed on his arm until last June. But Criss Angel has also passed through this experience.

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However, some time later Belinda also got a small tattoo in response to the detail that Nodal had. The artist placed a heart with the initials “CN” inside. Some time ago the artist had declared that said illustration would only have the letters of the love of her life.

Then, in that same year, Nodal shared one of his most controversial tattoos related to his ex-fiancée. On this occasion the tattoo covered his entire chest and portrayed the singer’s eyes.

Also through an Instagram story, the interpreter of “Goodbye love” showed the moment when an eye was being tattooed on the right side of his chest. Faced with speculation that the look was Belinda, it was the singer who confirmed it.

At the end of 2021, with a more stable and committed relationship, Nodal tattooed the name of the Spanish singer’s second studio album “Utopía”, which was released in October 2006. The design was made with a heart below, located in a part of his forehead.

As with the other tattoos, this one was also shared by Belinda on her social networks.

Both Belinda and Nodal made the number “4” on the side of their hands, which they accompanied by other symbols. The actress opted for a heart pierced by an arrow, while the singer carries a bow of arrows.

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These are the tattoos that Nodal would have to erase after ending his relationship with Belinda