They assure that Julio Iglesias Jr. could go to prison for owing the taxes of his mansion in Florida

The Spanish singer Julio Iglesias Jr., 48 years old and who a few days ago divorced the Belgian Charisse verhaert, could face problems with the United States justice and until he was imprisoned, when it was announced that he owed the taxes of one of his imposing mansions.

According to the program ‘Chisme no Like’, which was the space where the news was released, Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler’s son owes $ 14,000 in taxes, a minuscule figure if we take into account the great fortune that his family has, but that could become a real stone in the shoe if he does not pay it.

“The boy kept the house, look how macho, and he owes taxes, which he will have to pay because here in the United States you don’t gamble, in Mexico you do, Laura Bozzo plays with the SAT,” said Javier Ceriani.

Despite the fact that her debt seems tiny, in the broadcast they recalled that Laura Bozzo’s problems began with a similar amount of money and over time it was learned that she actually owed millions of dollars to the treasury.

“Pay your son, you’re going to have problems, Julio. If they start investigating the Iglesias family, they will also catch Julio, because, surely, Julio Iglesias will have done things to hide the money and hide things because they buy properties with ghost corporations. The Julio Iglesias report came out on how he bought the properties so that it is not known who he was, ”recalled Ceriani, alluding to the data recently released by the Pandora Papers.

Do youWith which mansion does Julio Iglesias Jr. have problems?

Julio Iglesias Jr. has several properties in the United States, among which are the two that it owns in the state of Florida and one more in Lake Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada mountains, in California.

His three properties would have an accumulated value of $ 3 million, with the house in Miami being the one with the debt.

That residency had already given much to talk about last February, after it became known that the also model refused to leave it to Charisse, who argued that he had left his promising career as a model to dedicate himself to the home, for which he demanded that this good was delivered to him.

“Julio José Iglesias refuses to grant this property to his still wife, who had asked for exclusive use of the house. He accepts that he is a famous international artist, but refuses to give financial support to Charisse, who argues that she had a proliferating career as a model, but left it to become a housewife “, it was reported at the time in the program ‘ Tell me what you know’.

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They assure that Julio Iglesias Jr. could go to prison for owing the taxes of his mansion in Florida