They couldn’t take their eyes off the “Princess of Latin Pop”

Belinda she reappeared in a photograph that caused thousands of sighs by wearing a tight black dress that highlighted her pronounced curves and her charms on a dressing table, the flirtatious look of the “Princess of Latin Pop“, models standing and shows a little of her back with a” little black dress “, refers to the image.

The singer, Belinda, again captured the spotlight after modeling in a boudoir in a short mini dress and a black ensemble that revealed some of the charms of the “Spanish“.

This time the “Christian Nodal’s girlfriend“She captured the glances again after appearing in a black dress which marked her silhouette as she was captured from a dressing table.

The “TV actress“who debuted at age ten in novels like”Adventures in time“,” Complices to the rescue “,” Friends x Always “, among others, reappears in a snapshot from a fan page in which he accumulated 4, 134 likes, 3 days ago.



Belinda covers herself in a leather dress, the most “beautiful”. Photo: Instagram Capture

Belinda, who also participated in Disney films, shared the photo with his 14.4 million followers.

The postcard was the target of various reactions, which added to the publication, the interpreter of “In love you must forgive“, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, wears a very captivating look by leaving her hair loose and semi-marked by waves

The star, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, who is said to be over 30 years old, chose to highlight on this occasion the light tone of her eyes, which she achieved perfectly, in addition to that, the “model” and current “La Voz coach“, she showed a look that captivated and invited her followers not to stop seeing her.

Precious, Beautiful as always you have a great incredible personality, You look beautiful, Gorgeus !!! Beautifil Beli !! Wowww! Beautiful my Beli, you are unique, winning blessings as always, The most beautiful woman on the planet without a doubt.

The also “businesswoman“Who for one reason or another remains the target of comments has starred in more moments with his heartthrob, particularly in some of the most recent presentations of the” Mexican regional “.

The “latin pop princess“, she has appeared on stage in some of her fiancé’s presentations during her” Tour ay ay ay! “by the Mexican republic, in addition to recently premiering the release of her album” Utopia “.

Something that the “belifans” and followers of the duo have enjoyed enormously, this added to the new song that both interpret: “If we are left”, which is the music of the telenovela that bears the same name by The stars.

Although at the beginning it was mentioned that the interpreter of “Goodbye Love“I could not perform duets with the Netflix series actress or another group, it would be Christian Nodal himself, who clarified the situation through a message on social networks.

For his part, “Beli“who has been the face of magazines such as Marie Claire and CARAS returned to television in 2020 when he traveled to Barcelona to record,” Welcome to Eden “, where he shares credits with Amaia Salamanca, Amaia Aberasturi, Lola Rodríguez, Sergio Romo, among others .

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They couldn’t take their eyes off the “Princess of Latin Pop”