They criticized Diego Boneta for acting like Luis Miguel in real life: “He stayed in imitation”

Luis Miguel and Diego Boneta (Photo: File)
Luis Miguel and Diego Boneta (Photo: File)

Although Diego Boneta’s career began when he was a child, the actor had an exponential rise when starred Luis Miguel: the series. But, although the show transmitted by Netflix It has already come to an end, now the artist was harshly criticized for apparently continuing to behave in real life as “El Sol de México”.

It all started during the Spanish program The resistance to which Boneta was invited. In a snippet that quickly went viral on TikTok it can be seen to the ex RBD talking with the host David Broncano about his participation in the bioseries of the interpreter of hits like now you can go either I have everything except you.

That man (Luis Miguel) is on other levels. I would say that a lot of his songs hit very high pitches. I think that The unconditional It would be the most…” Diego began to say.

In this sense, the Mexican offered to sing a fragment of said melody in Broncano’s ear and both starred in an uncomfortable moment before the cameras.

Boneta played Luis Miguel for three seasons (Photo: EFE/Netflix platform)
Boneta played Luis Miguel for three seasons (Photo: EFE/Netflix platform)

“I have not done this to my girlfriend”, Boneta said as he got up from his seat, approached the Spaniard to hug him and begin to sing some of the verses very close to him. However, the strangeness of the moment made the actor had a few moments of nervous laughter and, after concentrating, began to sing:

“You always the same, you, friendship, darling what do I know, you the same as yesterday, the unconditional one, the one who does not expect anything”.

Given this, the clip that so far has more than 40 thousand likes on TikTok was filled with comments, but not all of them were positive towards Diego Boneta, since Internet users considered that the famous one was acting as Luis Miguel.

They criticize Diego Boneta for acting like Luis Miguel

He already stayed with the character “. “Now he speaks like Luismi.” “He stayed in imitation”. “Somebody let him know that it’s not Luismi.” “He believed the role too much, so much so that he lost himself in it. Luis Miguel never equaled ”, were some of the mentions that appeared.

However, some of Diego’s fans defended him and pointed out that he was not copying Luis Miguel.

Boneta has always been like this as mirreysito see since he participated in FAMA Code ”. “It’s not like she stayed in character, she was in character for the show.” “My platonic love”, pointed out other users.

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago, Belinda she was also a guest on the same show Spanish and the singer of hits like Light without gravity, love at first sight either dopamine He did not hesitate to show his affection for Mexico by bringing a touch machine to the show.

Belinda used touch machine during program

“It’s an electrocuting machine, tI am going to electrocute them and people pay to be electrocuted in Mexico”, said the protagonist of the series Welcome to Eden.

To Broncano’s incredulity, Christian Nodal’s ex-fiancée explained how the dynamics worked and remarked that he would have to hold the part that transmitted electricity, while she gradually increased the power of the device.

So little by little Belinda began to get excited because the Spanish began to put up with a lotbut then he realized that later it would be his turn to receive the touches.

“Hey, you’re taking a lot, maximum, maximum, maximum (…) oh, no, I had everything under control, I thought you were going to get to two. I do not want”the singer exclaimed when she saw that her partner had managed to reach the highest level of the touch machine.


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They criticized Diego Boneta for acting like Luis Miguel in real life: “He stayed in imitation”