They cruelly attack the current Miss Universe for sudden weight gain: [Fotos]

Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu got fat: photos

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Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu has gained a lot of weight and they attack her in networks

The Indian queen Harnaaz Sandhuwas crowned Miss Universe on December 12, in a decision applauded by the majority, because with her beauty, elegance and magnetism, she captivated the jury and the public.

But in less than three months, the spectacular Miss Universe is being subjected to harsh and horrible comments on social networks, for having had a sudden weight gain.

The beauty queen has been sharing photos and videos of her work as Miss Universe, such as the recent visit she made to her native country, where she shows off an obvious physical change, which has in no way detracted from her beauty.

And although some followers of Miss Universe have expressed support for the young woman and have criticized those who have dedicated themselves to demeaning her with all kinds of offenses, the majority of comments that Miss Universe receives daily on her Instagram are offenses, scoldings and abuse.

“I understand a lot that perfect measurements are already ordered to be collected, but she is Miss Universe and one does expect her to be a fitness woman, who always has the best dresses on her outings and of course is a role model” , “Those slaps for God’s sake. She knows that she should exercise and if they say that she has health problems, well girl to receive advice to improve all the health part”, “Wow, I have arms like my universe, I can’t believe it😂”, were some of the comments of fans of Miss Universe, who criticized her weight gain.

“I won’t say anything so as not to damage her mental health”, “Did the enemy see her, or is it on purpose? It hurts me, I thought we were going to have a queen, but not at all”, “I thought she was going to have a super reign, but not what a disappointment 😢”, “God, how fat she is, they should take away her crown and give it to Miss Paraguay”, “she should not be Miss Universe with that body”, added other severe netizens.

The offenses continued with messages such as: “Come on, that rag looks like a tamale wrapper”, and “this year the sponsor should have been Herbalife, Yes you can, Reduce Fat Fas, Lipo6, and that’s why she won a Miss Fast Universe”.

There have also been severe voices, of those sent to collect that demand perfection in the queens, precepts that have done a lot of damage to thousands of young girls who feel extreme pressure for not fitting into invented models of beauty.

“She is Miss Universe and she must look regal, she was only queen for one night and now she hides behind that story that she has a life story and I don’t know what nahhh! To see life stories I see Dr. Polo 😴” and “This girl is undisciplined… Beyond her health problems, which she says is that she sinks alone because she is always very poorly dressed and advised… Queen for one night!! !” Said other signs.

In the midst of the attacks that the young queen has been receiving, one of the celebrities who came to her defense was former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who during her year of reign in 1996 was also a victim of bullying, promoted by the then owner of the organization, Donald Trump.

“Certainly, thank God this beautiful queen and brave woman does not have Mister Pig as her boss. This 2022 is another era of empathy, love of others, and today bullying is a crime. Hail queen! beautiful, ”the Venezuelan commented on her networks.

Other netizens ask not only that the queen be respected but that once and for all the mentality that women, and especially queens, must meet a parameter of thinness be changed.

“She is Beautiful… she is a very pretty girl and whoever does not like that she sees herself in a mirror instead of criticizing people thinks she is perfect… I congratulate the new my universe Successes my girl”, commented a fan of Miss Universe.

“Disturbing that you guys are still making rude comments, especially after recent events. Literally, Harnaaz is divine”, said another who recalled how bullying for image issues can end up triggering traumas and tragedies.

“Just change your wardrobe. They dress her very old fashioned for her age they should make her look YOUTHFUL. It doesn’t matter if she gains or loses weight because she is beautiful and smart, just correct her wardrobe please,” said another supporter fan who called for an end to the attacks against Harnaaz.

From Now we support Miss Universe and remember that beauty has different packaging and forms, and that not only her, but any woman, what makes her beautiful is her authenticity and being unique. Up Harnaaz, with or without more pounds. The important thing is that she feels healthy and happy, and continues to be an example for other girls.

Here are some photos of the beautiful Miss Universe:

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They cruelly attack the current Miss Universe for sudden weight gain: [Fotos]