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«The darkest fairytale» (“The Darkest Fairy Tale”). The phrase that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly tattooed on each other during the reportage who starred for the British edition of the magazine GQ –and which alludes to one of the first messages that were sent– sums up well the spirit of their relationship. Since the actress and the rapper began dating in May 2020, when they coincided in the filming of the thriller Midnight on Switchgrasstheir displays of affection have not only been public and notorious, but also quite dark.

After months dedicating disturbing words to each other on social networks, putting their black-stained tongues together on red carpets and, in his case, wearing the actress’s blood hanging from his neck, the couple formalized their commitment a few days ago with an equally disturbing ritual. Although the proposal, immortalized by several cameras, was the most traditional, neither the engagement ring nor the subsequent celebration would be part of the script of Love Actually. “I told him yes… and then we drank each other’s blood,” the actress wrote on her Instagram account. To top it off, the ring the rapper gave her is designed in such a way that she would cause pain if you decide to take it off. “The emerald and the diamond make up the two halves of the same soul, giving shape to the dark heart that is our love,” he said of the disturbing creation.

Posing with their tongues clearly visible is a constant in the appearances of couples like Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox or Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker. Photo: Getty

It is not the only couple that in recent times has revived the gothic-punk provocation that, in the era of perfection of Instagram, where everything is influencers traveling the world hand in hand and eating salads, she seemed more than amortized. His friends, the businesswoman and member of the Kardashian clan, Kourtney Kardashian, and her boyfriend, the punk drummer Travis Barker, with whom they share a fondness for black leather and well-documented tongue kisses on their double dates, also show off some demonstrations of love worthy of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton in the early 2000s. In fact, the protagonist of Lara Croft He then wore a vial with the actor’s blood around his neck and did not hesitate to tattoo his name on his arm. Perhaps now that the catwalks nostalgically recover the trends of those yearsnew couples intend to do the same in their relationships.

But what was then perceived as synonymous with a passion tinged with the savagery and darkness typical of the most scandalous Hollywood, or of rock stars (there are Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, who are back on present, or Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love), can now be branded a toxic relationship. Which doesn’t stop Megan Fox from posing with a gun pointed at her partner’s genitals or Travis Barker from posting a note from her lover in which he expresses his cordial wishes to “destroy each other.”

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker with Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly demonstrating that they have mirror relationships. Photo: Instagram

For the clinical psychologist and sexologist Silvia Sanz, these types of practices and messages can cause “healthy love to be confused with a toxic relationship where you have to show love by suffering or carrying out activities that encourage self-sabotage or lack of self-care.” The forbidden or socially banned component of Fox’s vampire ritual and her fiancé, for example, can make the public perceive it as an act of rebellion “generating fascination and morbidity”, in the words of the expert. “They will probably make these practices public as a provocation and a strategy to focus attention on her figure. The problem is that they involve normalizing and making clearly harmful behavior visible.”

Megan Fox and her fiancé posing as vampires for the US edition of GQ magazine. Photo: Instagram @meganfox

The coach Carlos Garcia, a specialist in couples therapy, agrees that these stories cannot be described as demonstrations of love, quite the opposite. «When I was a child I remember that there was a store in my neighborhood that had a huge snake inside a glass box in the window. I don’t know what they sold, but I do remember that everyone stopped to look at it. The store owner displayed his merchandise with the snake claim: It’s a bit the same as drinking your partner’s blood. There is little more behind these practices than to achieve likes and earn money. Of course love, no, ”she assures.

The aesthetics of couples like the ones mentioned also accompany to reinforce the message of darkness that hovers over their relationships. However, Megan and Kourtney’s goth is always sexy: tight bodices, dark lips with a bitten effect and suggestive black lace have triggered interest in what has already been baptized as gothic. “Not everything is perfect between us. We have a demonic side, “said the first in the report of GQ in which she and Machine Gun Kelly are compared to Gomez and Morticia Addams. Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, for their part, prefer to emulate Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen. Last Halloween they dressed up as the Sex Pistols bassist and his girlfriend, respectively, sowing controversy, since the singer was one of the prime suspects of the murder of his girlfriend.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian emulating Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, a controversial recreation considering that the singer was suspected of murdering his girlfriend. Photo: Instagram @kourtneykardash

As explained in The Cut therapist Lexx Brown-James, “we are aware of these ‘anti-Meghan and Harry’ because deep down we all want celebrities to be controversial.” However, these couples can become a harmful role model for the youngest. This is what the psychologists consulted in this report believe. “For example, the message that Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s engagement ring sends is clear: the fact that taking it off can cause damage, injury or pain is a punishment that encourages the person to be dissuaded from their decision to break the engagement ring. commitment. This is how love is symbolized as a prison in which you can be trapped and that will cause you pain if you try to escape. It is a very harmful message”, reflects Silvia Sanz. For Carlos García, “young people — actually all of us — need sources to drink from to reproject our lives every morning. These relations-spectacle can be a model, but also an example not to follow».

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They drink each other’s blood and promise each other “destruction”: the return of the dark (and toxic) famous couples | Celebrities, VIPs | S Fashion THE COUNTRY