They gave him 8 months to live, Andrés García overcame diagnosis

A few days ago the famous actor Y soap opera heartthrob, Andres Garciahad worried his fans a lot about a photograph in which he appears in a hospital bed, everyone wondering about his health, it was serious, but he himself took it upon himself to share, at the moment he is very well.

However, there is a fact that not many know, the actor of 80 years He had leukemia and that is why now he needs to take great care of himself, as well as undergo some transfusions that benefit him.

The artist had been given eight months to live, but he himself confessed that instead of being sad he was happy, he began to treat himself and finally managed to overcome it, even years have passed since that diagnosis.

In addition, Andrés also has a condition that prevents his body from producing hemoglobinas if that were not enough, which we know was generated thanks to some pills he was consuming.

The actor was consuming said medicine for a long time, confesses that a actress His partner recommended it to him, that she had seen him in a very bad mood and had offered him the substance, but without realizing that he would be consuming it every day after that.

Andres Garcia/AFP

Andrés García managed to overcome the 8-month diagnosis that a doctor had given him.

The famous assures that if he did not take the pill he did not feel well, that even his production partners already knew and mentioned it to him, asking him to take it so that he would not be in a bad mood, a situation that made him completely lose strength until the I couldn’t even lift a glass.

Andrés García went to the doctor and that’s where he was informed that these pills were given to people with very strong problems and that they were taken every 15 days maximum, so that by consuming them every day he got that cancer, which fortunately he has been able to overcome , regaining its vitality.

However, the artist assures that he no longer wants to continue spending on doctors, despite the dollars he has in his spine and legs, he does not want to continue investing in it.

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They gave him 8 months to live, Andrés García overcame diagnosis