They reject Christian Nodal and Adrián Uribe for their facial tattoos

Christian Nodal.

Christian Nodal.

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Christian Nodal boasts one of his many tattoos on his face with the actor and comedian Adrián Uribe. And it is that apparently they have the same design, of different size on the right cheekbone. The image shared in Despierta América has only revived those messages against Nodal for having made so many tattoos on his face. That includes the name of Belinda, which has already been erased, even one in red located on the forehead, on the left side.

The singer has been told since he ruined his face, until he looks older than he really is. Let us remember that Nodal is 23 years old. Other followers, in addition, believe that it is a real pity that artists like him and Uribe stain their faces with tattoos. And this is a practice that not everyone pleases.

The The stigma of the gangs has also been used to attack Christian Nodal for the number of tattoos he already has on his face. And this comment was repeated again on the social networks of Despierta América where you can admire the image: “Nodal looks like a gang.”

On the other hand, Christian Nodal continues to generate comments linking him to Belinda. Some even laugh at what has happened to him around his breakup with the singer. About tattoos and Belinda they commented: “As long as it’s not the same tattoo as Belinda.” And others insist that she damaged her face: “It’s her body… but she damaged her face.”

On Belinda’s latest moves

the mexican singer Belinda assured that she will take all necessary actions, including legal ones, against those media outlets and public figures who have defamed and violated her after the information was made public. cancellation of her wedding with the singer Christian Nodalas reported by the EFE agency.

“In recent days, public figures and the media have crossed the barrier of respect, reaching the point of issuing comments that constitute gender violence, judging me for the fact that I have made decisions that only correspond to me,” the singer said in a message on Instagram social network.

He said that these accusations “in any case, only affect my private circle by defaming, slandering and misrepresenting information that places me in a vulnerable position.”

Not even a week has passed since the news of the dissolution of his commitment to Nodal It shocked social networks, as well as in the media, but since then, the subject has not stopped being mentioned with new theories about the possible reason for the breakup of the Mexicans.

In several of these versions, Belinda has been harshly accused, criticized and held responsible for the breakupand although he assures that he recognizes the role that the media have played in his professional success, he demands an equitable and respectful relationship.

“I do not intend to become a victim since throughout my life the struggle and constant work have been the hallmark that has characterized me. That is why I have decided to take all the necessary actions to demand -even by legal means- the respect with which all women deserve to be treated, “she deepened.

The singer assured that her fight includes all the women who have been in the same situation when judged for making their own decisions and wrote, in gratitude to her fans, that as long as they exist, “there will be a strong Belinda.”

“This is not just for me but for each and every woman who is judged for living her life in freedom. Women are not forced to comply with stereotyped expectations of a society that sentences us to behave in a certain way, ”she asserted.

In 2020 Christian Nodal and Belinda confirmed that they had a relationship and they captured the eyes of their followers and the press for various reasons, among them, that it was the most public relationship that the singer had had, as well as the age difference between the two of almost a decade.

Some time later they formalized their relationship with an engagement ring valued at $3 million dollars, which seemed to precede a wedding full of luxury and glamor.

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They reject Christian Nodal and Adrián Uribe for their facial tattoos