They reveal audio of the half-brother of Mauricio Leal threatening from prison with “corrective measures”

In the image, Mauricio Leal, his mother Marleny Hernández, and his brother, Jhonier Leal. Photo: Instagram Mauricio Leal
In the image, Mauricio Leal, his mother Marleny Hernández, and his brother, Jhonier Leal. Photo: Instagram Mauricio Leal

The murder of Mauricio Leal and his mother, Marleny Hernández, at the hands of his brother Jhonier, is one of the most followed cases in Colombia and more and more details are being known about what happened to the Leal Hernández family. Now the diary Time revealed an audio of Carlos Andrés García Hernández from the Jamundí high security prison, Valle, after learning that his mother’s murderer signed a pre-agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office and would pay 27 years in prison.

Let us remember that last Monday, November 22, 2021, the renowned stylist, Mauricio Leal was found dead along with his mother, Marleny Hernández at his home located in La Calera. The first people to arrive at the scene were Jhonier Leal, Mauricio’s brother, and the family’s driver, Jair Ruiz Palacio. The two bodies were found at the site, one of them with the blade of a knife through the abdomen, the hairdresser’s cell phone and a letter that said:

“I love them. Forgive me, I can’t take it anymore. I leave everything to my nephews and brothers. With all my love, forgive me, mom. 1124”, this number was associated with the stylist’s birthday and was also the key to his cell phone. The Prosecutor’s Office began an exhaustive investigation to determine what had happened That night and early the next day and as the weeks passed, Jhonier Leal began to be one of the main suspects in the crime. On the night of Friday, January 14, he was captured by the CTI.

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On Tuesday, March 19, at the hearing for the security measure, Jhonier Leal accepted the charges imposed by the Prosecutor’s Office for the murder of his brother Mauricio Leal and his mother Marleny Hernández and said: “I have freely and voluntarily made a super important and very personal decision to accept the charges through an agreement with the Prosecutor’s Office, and I take the opportunity to make my expression of repentance, asking for forgiveness, first of all, from my family and my children, the victims and all of Colombia for the events that occurred”.

After pleading guilty and Since then, data and details have been revealed Regarding the investigation that has been carried out in the case, such as the profits left by Mauricio Leal’s beauty salon, the torture to which he would have subjected his brother before murdering him, the actions of Jhonier Leal after committing the crime, conversations with his ex-wife, his intention to keep his brother’s fortune, among other things.

Now, this Friday, February 4, it was confirmed that Jhonier Leal signed the preliminary agreement for the double homicide of Mauricio Leal and Marleny Hernández. He was charged with the crimes of homicide aggravated by kinship, state of defenselessness and cruelty, in a homogeneous and successive contest; and in heterogeneous material contest with concealment, alteration or destruction of evidentiary material element. The brother of the renowned stylist could pay a sentence of 27 years and 6 months in prison and a fine of 200 current monthly legal minimum wages. The agreement does not include that he be deprived of his liberty in a special place, so that after being sentenced he would be handed over to Inpec.

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Mauricio Leal’s brother, Carlos Andrés García Hernández, He had a conversation with his aunts from the Jamundí high security prison. The relative of the renowned stylist is serving a sentence for sexual abuse with a minor under 14 years of age and was named in one of the audios that Jhonier Leal sent to Mauricio after committing the crime.

John Leal, After committing the crime, he sent a voice note to Mauricio telling him: “Hello Maito, how are you? I hope all is well, as always. Maíto, I’m sending you the transfer receipt I made to Andrés, 350,000 for his birthday, of which 300 are yours and my mother’s, and 50 are mine. I had forgotten to send it to you, what a pity you are, I am sending it to you so that you have that in mind because you know that Andrés asks for a lot and you have to keep reminding him what you send him, because sometimes he forgets”.

The newspaper Time released the audio of Carlos Andrés García in which he assures that, “you are asking for reparation for victims and that Jhonier is going to give a large sum of money that is 200 million pesos (…) that hp lawyer you have is doing that, so I’m going to take corrective action, my lawyer is going to take responsibility for those things, because I didn’t like those fagots.”


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They reveal audio of the half-brother of Mauricio Leal threatening from prison with “corrective measures”