They revealed what is the unusual exchange that Wanda Nara seeks and cannot get

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi
Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi

Wanda Nara is already preparing everything to come to Argentina in a few weeks with her children, Valentino, Constantino, Benedicto, Francesca and Isabella, and her husband, Mauro Icardi, to spend Christmas Eve. That is why the businesswoman from Paris has already campaigned for condition the house you have in a gated community, so that it can be inhabited again.

She comes first alone and then they come, when the holidays begin for Christmas“, ad Yanina Latorre on The angels of the morningUpon seeing the images of the imposing house, the panelist jokingly added: “You have to clean the house this …”. Driver, Angel de BritoHe added: “Yes, and you have to cut the grass.”

It was at that moment that, taking advantage of the topic, De Brito asked if it was true that the older sister of Zaira nara I was trying to get through the networks a swap for chlorine for the pool of the house that the family will occupy in the private neighborhood Saint Barbara, and that he knew how to share with Maxi lopez.

Wanda Nara's house in Argentina
Wanda Nara’s house in Argentina

“He wrote a ‘Hello’ to a chlorine company by Instagram “, confirmed Latorre, and laughing Caleste Muriega, invited to the morning cycle of The thirteenShe asked if chlorine was expensive, to which her partner replied that it was and that Wanda “has to put the house in tune.”

“If you’re in a Lamborghini, do you ask for a chlorine exchange?”, De Brito was outraged, but the little angel justified the attitude of Icardi’s wife: “It is the savings in the pool. Saving is the basis of fortune”.

The house in question is the one that Maxi and Wanda shared when they were married and it was part of the agreement they made a few months ago through which they left behind their differences in the past. and the cross court cases they had. In this way, Wanda kept the home in exchange for paying the debt of the food quota that López had contracted..

“Beyond the fact that this issue is strictly procedural, I clarify that between Mrs. Wanda Nara and Mr. Maxi López they have resolved to put an end to all the lawsuits between them, to date,” the lawyer had said at the time Ana Rosenfeld, considering the conflict closed in Courts.

This truce became effective after they signed an agreement. In the document Wanda and Maxi established that both decided to close the 40 legal cases they have in Buenos Aires for different reasons (economic, muzzles, etc.). They also established that although the footballer has to continue paying the food quota of the three children they have in common until they are 21 years old, the amount owed up to that moment would be disregarded.

In addition, they divided the properties that they had acquired in Argentina when they were together. In this way, the house they shared in the country Santa Bárbara was written in the name of Wanda and two other apartments, in the name of Maxi.

Last week you could see the advance of the note that Nara gave Susana Giménez, after the scandal between her husband and China Suárez. “We were in a field, the girls were riding horses and I looked for a photo on the phone. There I saw screenshots of a chat with a very famous woman that you already know, “he said.

“You were a friend of China”, Susana affirmed, although Wanda marked a limit. “She was not a friend, she had a good, cordial relationship. My anger was a macho look, of blaming the woman. Then I took distance, and I admire that a woman can be free. I am an old-fashioned woman: for me a little message is divorce”, He acknowledged, and imagined himself in the opposite situation. “I wouldn’t have written the messages and I didn’t like that they didn’t tell me about the other side”; he replied without giving too many details. “We never had a problem like this, I can swear to you on my five children. When I saw the message, I took my five children and on the first plane I went to Italy. And he came on the plane behind me”.


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They revealed what is the unusual exchange that Wanda Nara seeks and cannot get