They tell Alicia Machado everything when she shows off her thinness: “At the tip of tea she doesn’t lower herself so much”

TO Alicia Machado They have told you a little bit of everything. The former Venezuelan Miss Universe and winner of the first season of La Casa de los Famosos has been accused of losing weight due to surgery.

“The thinness that has not been achieved by discipline but by science. by jartona”, “This is how I’m going to look after my surgery, oops after going to the gym I wanted to say”, “What good results the gastric sleeve gives”, “That’s what the money earned on the show was spent on” and “She is skinnier than even when she won Miss Universe, she is beautiful. But I assume it was operated because at the tip of tea it is not lowered so much, I don’t know… I say “.

In two videos that he showed, and that Suelta la Sopa has compiled, he was seen moving his body to the rhythm of a sensual song and showing his figure in tight outfits. His body movements and the expressions that he reflected on his face were also the cause of criticism from the followers of social networks.

“Does your neck hurt or what???”, “Are the grimaces of the mouth very necessary? It is not for nothing, just to know, in case one day it touches me, ” “He wanted to be sexy but it didn’t come out and his face seemed to squeeze his shoes.”

Accusations of having lost weight as a result of surgery are not news: A few weeks ago she was also accused of this situation and she responded by commenting on a post on her Instagram account.

“You did the gastric sleeve”, one of her followers commented to which Machado replied: “Lady. Why do you certify something you don’t know and what is also false? Look for the 13 weeks of La Casa de los Famosos and there is my effort.

In addition, in another comment they put: “Alicia, please tell me the truth… How did you lose 11 kilos in such a short time?… I don’t think it was a diet… since there’s the balloon or the bariatric… tell me what to do now.”

And she answered: “My doctor can explain my 13 week diet to lose those kilos. Not everything is operating rooms.

Since leaving La Casa de los Famosos, Alicia Machado has shown off her figure wearing sensual dresses. She has also been seen doing exercises to maintain her body.

His fans have told him that he looks sensational on several occasions. When he appeared in Despierta América with Ninel Conde, the followers of social networks highlighted the beauty of the Venezuelan over that of the Mexican:

“Please, Machado is prettier and Ninel, many surgeries”, “@machadooficial naturalita vs surgery @ninelconde this example that you can be beautiful without so many things in the body”, “Alicia super beautiful, her face very natural very pretty, and well Ninel is not even known for so much surgery ”.

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They tell Alicia Machado everything when she shows off her thinness: “At the tip of tea she doesn’t lower herself so much”