They want a driver out of Hoy for being rude to Carmen Salinas

Shortly before suffering a stroke that has now been flagged as a hemorrhage, dear Carmen Salinas placeholder image she was invited from Today Program to talk about his character in Nicandro Díaz’s new telenovela, My fortune is loving you, but what he gave to talk about was not the first actressbut the attitude of one of the drivers, Arath of the Tower.

Viewers considered that the also actor was extremely rude to Carmen Salinas Lozano and the producer also made her place respected despite Andrea Legarreta’s partner.

Legarreta and Arath de la Torre were in charge of interviewing the beloved Carmelita Salinas about her character as Margarita Domínguez, grandmother of David Zepeda’s character in the melodrama and the famous woman wanted to take the opportunity to mention and thank all her companions.

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Salinas, 82 years old, having a long list of companions, took out his cell phone to mention their names one by one, commenting on the way his characters interact with Doña Mago.

However, apparently the production was signaling the drivers to rush the actress, so Arath de la Torre came out with an unfortunate comment as a joke that did not go unnoticed and was harshly criticized on social networks. The driver told the first actress that it was obvious that he did his homework and if by the way, since he was on his cell phone, he showed them his memes.



Carmen Salinas, they demand departure from Hoy’s driver for being rude. Photo: Reformation.

Look, he did his homework. Now show us your memes. Ah not true. Hey, tell us a little about this character, let’s see… shared De la Torre.

Faced with the Hoy driver’s comment, Salinas ignored him and continued to mention his companions. Afterwards, he talked about his character.

Before the supposed joke of Arath de la Torre to Carmen Salinas, Internet users went to the social networks of Hoy to demand that he be removed from the morning star of Televisa for being disrespectful, pointing to him as “liver”, that he respect the age of the actress and who wished that next year would no longer be part of Hoy.

The situation with De la Torre was barely calmed down by the commercial in which he made an unfortunate comment about the Papantla Flyers and again he returns to the spotlight of criticism for his unfortunate comments.

Like a true professional, Carmelita Salinas He continued talking about his character, which he described as complex, since it was a strong grandmother who was hiding a secret from her family, that cancer was attacking her. She shared that this situation reminded her of her loved ones who had to face the battle and those who have left, such as her son Pedro Plascencia, her husband and more.

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They want a driver out of Hoy for being rude to Carmen Salinas