‘They want to see me in bones’: young man attacks the modeling industry

Anna Gantt, a young model of USA, complained about the industry and the ‘beauty standards’ they impose on her to be able to work. The woman shared her story, in the middle of tears, through social networks, where she has achieved the reaction of thousands of Internet users.

“Welcome to the reality of modeling In New York. I’m devastated”, wrote in the social network TikTok.

In her video, more than two minutes long and with around nine million views, she is very distressed by the situation.

What did the young woman say?

I’m not a skeleton and I won’t get sick anymore

“On days like this I hate being a model”, he said at the beginning of his story. He sat in his room and fell into tears.

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The 22-year-old woman commented that she has been part of the industry since 2014. In the beginning it was a size 0/2 (size XS) and now it is 5/6 (S). Even so, its measures do not match those requested by the directors and producers of the ‘casting’.

“I am cursing every day and I say that I am not a skeleton and I will not get sick anymore”, he pointed.

Based on what he shared, he applied to be part of a photoshoot which will take place in December in Barcelona. However, those in charge of making the selection mentioned to him that he had to lose weight in order to participate.

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“I am already thin and small! But it is not ideal for them. What is wrong with my stomach? They want to see me in the bones. We are in the middle of 2021 and they tell me to lose weight for one session ”, she confessed in confusion.

In the last five years he has gained 15 kilograms. His height is 1.78 meters. With these measures, she has emphasized that she feels good, confident and healthy, after suffering a eating disorder.

We are in the middle of 2021 and they tell me to lose weight for one session

“I live in this city that will make you feel like garbage, you will think that you are not enough and you will have to have an unhealthy lifestyle (…) To my … modeling, style and industry.”

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He also said that he would not like small sizes to become a standard: “Good for girls who are naturally like that, but I’m tired of directors making me and other women ‘naturally’ curvy.”

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The reaction of Internet users

The industry is the one that must change, not you

More than 30 thousand people have commented on his video and several of them have expressed their support.

“The industry makes itself look inclusive, but they never take into account medium bodies”, “the world is obsessed with slim models”, “it breaks my soul to see you like this”, are some of the messages that it has received.

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Tess Holliday, Plus size model, she also sent her words: “The industry is the one that must change, not you.”

Similarly, the ‘influencer’ Abbie herbet He said, “That happened to me too! I love you. That client doesn’t deserve you ”.

The other complaints to the industry

The modeling world has come under fire in recent years. One of the most popular was against the firm ‘El Secreto de Victoria’ and his parade of ‘angels’.

Several people, who remained anonymous, told The New York Times that Les Wexner and Ed Razek, important figures within the company, had inappropriate behavior with the models (harassment and misogyny). They were subjected to almost ‘inhuman’ routines to conform to the ‘standards’.

Parade of ‘Victoria’s Secret’

For example, Erin Heatherton reported that she used drugs in order to lose weight.

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The lingerie company canceled its ‘angels’ show in 2019 and announced that it should “Advance in the positioning of the brand and communicate it better to customers”, Stuart Burgdoerfer, CFO, assured at the time.

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‘They want to see me in bones’: young man attacks the modeling industry