“This cheeky!”: Aura Cristina Geithner to presenter who stole a kiss

Photo: Infobae/Daniel Guerrero Aldana
Photo: Infobae/Daniel Guerrero Aldana

Surprised were the followers of Aura Cristina Geithnerafter knowing a video through which the exact moment is observed in which, during his visit to the Red Más channel, a man steals a couple of kisses from her before the astonished gaze of those who were there.

Is about Camilo Ravena renowned presenter, who did not miss the opportunity he had to be next to the actress and singer to fulfill what is, in the opinion of many, “a dream.”

It all happened when the 54-year-old woman recorded a video, apparently for the social networks of the channel to which she gave an interview for his most recent musical release.

“She just has to be vulgar when she’s with me,” Cuervo said seconds before lunging at Geithner, grabbing her by the face and stealing her first kiss. While she commented between laughs: “This unfortunate!”.

Subsequently, the young man said that the first kiss “had been very short” and stole a second, but this time she also hugged him and agreed to last much longer. In addition, when she finished, she asked them to show her the video of her that she left everything in evidence to keep it.

Reactions to these images were diverse, as although for many it was a humorous moment, for other people it was a “breach of trust” and they say that it is through these actions that some macho behaviors are normalized.

“I wish all scandals were like this. Nothing richer than a stolen kiss!”, “I don’t understand what they see as funny about this, it’s not the way”, “first is the kiss and then they take more dares” and “to This seems more like an abuse to me”; These are some of the comments generated by the situation.

For now, “La Potra Zaina” and Camilo Cuervo are expected to talk about it and clarify the controversy between their followers.

It is key that in addition to his artistic life, Aura Cristina Geithner ventured some time ago to have her own OnlyFans page and the truth is that, as he has admitted, he has managed to make good money with risque and uncensored videos and images.

Most of her followers are happy with her participation in OnlyFans, in fact, the Bogota native revealed weeks ago in an interview for La Red de Caracol Televisión, that precisely what motivated her to open her account was the insistence of the users who support and accompany her from social networks in her professional career and in her personal life.

“I received a number of messages telling me what’s going on, why don’t you dare to have your OnlyFans page for us who love you, love you and respect you and love your content,” was what he mentioned on the gossip show, adding to In turn, with this decision, he seeks to “reinvent himself” in the digital world, taking into account his great legacy as an artist.

However, the woman it has also been the target of countless criticisms and rejection by other people that they consider that he should dedicate himself to other activities, especially due to his age, and that he should not publish sensual content such as erotic videos and photographs out of respect for his son. There are even those who judge the way in which the woman from Bogota appears dressed in her publications, according to them, “showing too much”.


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“This cheeky!”: Aura Cristina Geithner to presenter who stole a kiss