“This family grew up”: Paty Manterola revealed that she is already a mother of 5 with a tender photo

Paty Manterola has a long career in the artistic world that goes from her debut as a singer in Garibaldi in 1986 and her leading roles in soap operas such as ‘Apuesta por un amor’ to be a judge of Mira Quien Baila.

Beyond her artistic career, Paty Manterola also enjoys her life as a mother and wife. In 2010, the singer married the producer and musician Forrest Kolb, with whom she has formed a great family that made her a “mother of five”.

Patricia Manterola shared that she is a mother of five with a tender photo

In 2012, two years after their wedding, Paty and Forrest debuted as parents with the birth of their first-born: Lucca. The following year, his twins Alesso and Matteo came to this world.

Paty Manterola and her husband took their 3 children to the place where they were married in Mexico 9 years ago

By 2013, Paty was enjoying being a mother to three little ones. However, the protagonist of ‘Acapulco, body and soul’ considers that she has five offspring thanks to Enzo and Bella, her two little dogs.

These two hairy ones are very important members of Paty Manterola’s family, who frequently shares photos showing how proud she feels to be a “mother of five”, as she did in her most recent family photograph where she stated that “ it is getting more and more difficult ”to fit everyone in the photo.

The photo was captured in his truck during his most recent vacation to Vail, Colorado. With this capture, Paty showed that her dogs Enzzo and Bella are so important to them that they accompany them on their many adventures around the world.

Paty Manterola and her “dog children”

At the end of March 2020, Enzo joined the family of Paty and Forrest after the actress saw this “little piece of heaven” on an adoption page in Miami, as explained by Paty in a post where Enzzo enjoys his first family vacation on the beach.

From that moment on, Enzzo became his fourth child, something that Manterola has mentioned in several of his posts.

Six months later Bella arrived, who immediately became his “princess”, “beautiful girl” and more beautiful affections that Manterola dedicates to her fifth daughter.

The love that Paty has for her “dog children” is such that, like her children Lucca, Matteo and Alesso, Enzzo and Bella have their own Instagram profile.

The family photos of Paty Manterola with her “five children”

Although Paty’s family has been living with their two dog children for a couple of months, it was until their trip to Vail in early November 2021 that they captured the first family photo with the seven members.

“We have been a group of 7 for a few months, but we realized that this may be our first family portrait all together. As soon as the children got too big to carry, our hands were full again! All the love and the blessings of our growing family to you and yours! “

After this photo, the Instagram account dedicated to Paty’s family moments (The Beyond Love Family) published two other family images: the photo inside the truck and another where almost everyone wears white coats -except Enzzo and Bella-.

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“This family grew up”: Paty Manterola revealed that she is already a mother of 5 with a tender photo