This has been the heartbreaking Christmas message of Elizabeth II, dedicated to her “beloved” husband

Such a homage to Philip of Edinburgh. This is how it has developed, how could it be otherwise, the speech given this year by Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Day.

The traditional message that the monarch emits every year on television in this 2021 has been tinged with sadness. With an open heart and more sincere than ever with her feelings the grandmother of the prince william and prince harry.

Photo: Excerpt from the Christmas greetings shared by the Sussexes.

With the sapphire brooch she wore on her honeymoon in 1947 and again on her diamond wedding anniversary, and dressed in a very Christmas red design of Angela kelly, the 95-year-old head of state is going through a complicated sentimental moment after the death of her husband. It is the first Christmas that passes without him and he has assured that she misses her “beloved” husband so much. He has said that this year he especially understands all those who live these holidays without a loved one by their side.

Queen Elizabeth II in her Christmas speech. (Reuters)

Always reserved when it comes to showing her deepest and most personal feelings, this time, Elizabeth II wanted to share her pain with everyone. “Although it is a time of great happiness and good cheer for many, Christmas can be difficult for those who have lost loved ones. This year especially, I understand why. ”

Seated behind a desk on which a photograph of the queen and the duke of edinburgh In 2007, on the occasion of the commemoration of her 60th wedding anniversary, Elizabeth II dedicated some beautiful words to her husband: “His sense of service, intellectual curiosity and ability to squeeze fun out of any situation were unstoppable. That mischievous, inquisitive glow was so bright in the end like when I saw it for the first time. ”

He also showed much affection towards his eldest son, Prince Charles, and his wife Camilla, as well as towards the Dukes of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, highlighting their climate activism and their commitment to the environment. Regarding the Sussexes, the queen made a small mention of Lilibet Diana, the daughter of prince harry and meghan markle, for being one of the four great-grandchildren born this year. “For me and my family, even with a lost family laugh this year, there will be joy at Christmas as we will have the opportunity to remember and see again the wonder of the holiday season through the eyes of our young children, of whom we were delighted to welcome four more this year. ”

Carlos with Camilla, Guillermo and Kate. (Cordon Press)

There was, however, no reference during the 9 minutes that the speech lasted, nor to prince Andrew, neither Prince Harry nor Meghan Markle, the three members of his family estranged at this time from their royal duties. Nothing in his words or in the images shown on the screen while the monarch spoke, where it was possible to see Felipe of Edinburgh and other members of the family, he remembered the Sussexes or the father of Beatriz and Eugenia de York.

The Sussexes in a file image. (Reuters / Pool / Photo: Jeremy Selwyn)

In the queen’s speech there were also references to the pandemic. The last wave forced the monarch to cancel your usual trip to Sandringham to spend Christmas in Windsor. “While the coronavirus again means that we cannot celebrate as we would have liked, we can still enjoy the many happy traditions,” he said, highlighting the values ​​of Christmas traditions passed down from generation to generation. “I’m sure someone somewhere will comment today that Christmas is a time for children. It’s a compelling truth, but it’s only half the story. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that Christmas can talk to the child that we all carry inside“.

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This has been the heartbreaking Christmas message of Elizabeth II, dedicated to her “beloved” husband