This is how forceful Claudia Osborne is to talk about her relationship with her father

Last weekend Bertín Osborne was the great protagonist of the special program Your home is yours, where he opened the doors of his house in the Sevillian town of Alcalá de Guadaira to receive Toñi Moreno. The popular singer and presenter did a review of his life and showed his most personal side with his family, taking stock of everything he has experienced throughout these years. One of the most emotional moments was starred by his little daughter, Claudia, who could not avoid tears when talking about how his childhood had been without his father. The coach She recalled that she began to have a relationship with him when she was seven years old: “My most sensitive points in the history of my life are when he was not there, they are with my mother.” Bertín confessed that he had had a very bad time reading the book that his daughter wrote: “There are things I did not know (…) Han been hard nights. They never told me anything, neither she nor her sisters. That has really killed me, “he said, visibly moved.

– A year of great changes for Alejandra, Eugenia and Claudia, the daughters of Bertín Osborne


After reading it, father and daughter had a conversation and Claudia counted was. “I asking for forgiveness, because he is my father and I never want to hurt him, and he asking for forgiveness… “, he said during the program, breaking into tears. At that moment, Toñi Moreno made reference to the” wonderful work that your mother did “and” how she contributed to making you so fantastic with your father. “My mother had the same conflict as us. She adored him, he was his best friend … and he was the worst husband and the worst father“Claudia said.

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These words have provoked all kinds of opinions and in recent days, Bertín’s little daughter has been harshly criticized. So much so that she has decided to step forward and speak, something very unusual for her since she does not like to pronounce on these very personal issues. “I’m getting a lot of messages from a TV show and I want to share my feelings with you, before closing this topic and not speaking again, since it is not my intention to participate in this type of content “, begins by saying the coach.


“My relationship with my father is very important to me, both we form a great team and we are united, there is no distance that has been wanted to transmit “, insists Claudia, who explains that:” The issues that we both have had to discuss and solve, we have already done in private, like any family. “In a sincere text that has been shared in their stories, Alejandra and Eugenia Osborne’s sister affirms that: “The interview is the result of an edited recording, where my testimony was not issued in full, without knowing that this was going to be the case.. My father is a great person and that is how I expressed it in the interview that I gave and the conclusion for me. I thank the people who have known how to empathize and not judge. ”

– Claudia Osborne’s tears when remembering her father’s absences during her childhood


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His strongest words

Each family has its own affairs to learn to manage, and we are very close and we love each other very much.. I wish you all the best in this new year that begins, “he concludes. It seems that Claudia has received many messages since the special aired Your home is yours, and wanted to respond to one in particular showing the most blunt. “I will talk about my life what I really want, because for something it is mine. If you think that because you have seen a program (edited and taken out of context) you have the right to give me maternalistic advice, you are very wrong (…) Think about it a lot before writing so lightly to people who neither know you nor care about you. opinion, they don’t want your advice. “

Claudia Osborne opens up about her pregnancy: “I’m having a difficult first trimester”

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This is how forceful Claudia Osborne is to talk about her relationship with her father