This is how Mariah Carey remembers her relationship with Luis Miguel, a romance that appears in the biopic about the artist

The third season of the series about the life of Luis Miguel He tells, among other things, how was his relationship with Mariah Carey, a courtship that lasted for about three years (between 1999 and 2001). In the Netflix fiction, in which Jade Ewen plays the artist, it is detailed that Luis Miguel was the one who approached the interpreter who, at first, rejected him. But,how was the story really of the couple? Mariah herself was honest about how they met in a conversation with Oprah Winfrey, an interview that has come to light again after the broadcast of the series. “His name is Luis Miguel”, Mariah commented to whom Oprah asked: “Is he the famous singer?”.

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Then the interpreter of All I want for Christmas is you She was a bit shy. “I’ve tried not to talk about this too much, but… We were in Aspen, Colorado, last Christmas,” he explained. “He rented a house there and I rented another, with my family. Because I like Christmas with snow. Those who rented the houses to him and me told him that I wanted to meet him, and I didn’t even know that Luis Miguel was there. And they told me that he wanted to have a private party for me. So they were the ones who rented us the houses who played the role of Cupids so that he and I would unite ”, he acknowledged. He told the well-known presenter that the fact that they were both singers is something that helped to your relationship. “I’m with someone who supports me and understands what I do as a singer,” he said.

In the memoir Carey released in 2020 with the title of The meaning of Mariah Carey, a section is also dedicated to the Mexican artist. Remember that their first date was at a restaurant, a somewhat uncomfortable dinner for they had both had a few drinks and hardly knew each other. “A small part of me was intrigued. He had an undeniable passionate style ”acknowledges in the book Mariah. He explains that the next day he sent her an expensive Bvlgari necklace, one of the romantic gestures he had with her: “I soon knew it was his style; He was a true Latin lover. He did not repress their material displays of worship. Once, he filled an entire private jet with red roses to surprise me. “


Very affected by the break

I know separated in 2001 after three years relationship, a break whose motives did not transcend, although in the book, Mariah acknowledges that there were lights and shadows in their relationship. “He had been through a lot and lost his mother at a very young age (…) I did my best to support him emotionally, but I was going through my own process, there came a point where I could no longer deal with it. We were not helping each other heal. At best, Luis was generous, spontaneous and passionate, but at worst, he was erratic and anxious and had a dark cloud over his head, ”he says.

In this volume, the interpreter makes a wonderful balance of her relationship with the one known as El Sol de México. “I really needed someone safe to handle this kind of thing. So, at that time, I was really very happy in a relationship with someone who is an artist, a very big Latin superstar. ” The couple’s relationship monopolized all the covers during the three years that their relationship lasted, starring in romantic snapshots. Rumors of infidelity planned about their breakup and, after this, the interpreter fell into a deep depression from which it was difficult for her to recover.

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This is how Mariah Carey remembers her relationship with Luis Miguel, a romance that appears in the biopic about the artist