This is how Michelle Renaud reacted when they told her about Danilo Carrera and the rumors of a new romance

The actress pointed out in a meeting with the press that speculation about a romance with the Chilean actor arose after having coincided in film and television projects. Michelle Renaud and Matías Novoa are a couple in the telenovela, ‘La inheritance’which began recording at the beginning of this 2022.

“It’s our second project together and, well, things were rumored because we were going to be together in the project”, said the artist in the video published this March 24 on the YouTube channel of the reporter Edén Dorantes.

Without delving further into the subject of the rumors of the romance with Matías Novoa, the protagonist of soap operas such as ‘Quererlo todo’ and ‘Hijas de la luna’ pointed out that she has made a great dumbbell with the cast of the new production by Juan Osorio where she shares credits with Emmanuel Palomares, Juan Pablo Gil, Mauricio Henao and Daniel Elbittar.

“It’s great, I love the whole cast, the five men fascinate me and as I already said, I love working with so much testosterone because I learn a lot from them”, said Renaud regarding the fact that in this melodrama she is surrounded by leading men.

In addition, she pointed out that the experience of working with the male gender helps her in the upbringing of her son Marcelo, 5 years old: “I am a very independent woman, I like my way, suddenly working with men teaches me a lotI am the mother of a man, it is good, suddenly, to listen to talks of men”.

Matías Novoa talks about the rumors of romance with Michelle Renaud

Novoa, who recently joined Televisa with this telenovela, had already talked about it. At the end of January he assured before the Hoy cameras that he and Michelle Renaud are just colleagues.

At the end of 2021, both actors participated in the filming of a movie in Acapulco and it was there that the rumors of their romance began. “Nothing to do, we are just very professional. We shared a month in Acapulco, then things began to sound, noises, “said the actor.

While recording the film, Michelle Renaud announced that the break with Danilo Carrera was final and Matías Novoa revealed that he had just divorced actress Isabella Castillowith whom he was married for two years, this caused the rumors of the alleged romance to gain strength.

In November of last year, the actor had already given statements about it during an event organized by GQ magazine, there he assured that after his divorce he was not ready to fall in love once again.

Right now I don’t plan to fall in love again. How am I going to fall in love again if I’m coming out of a relationship? No, I don’t know why they are talking about that, that has nothing to do with it, this was a personal decision, me and Isabella, there are no third parties, “he said.

This is how Michelle Renaud reacted to her ex’s new “girlfriend” in Egypt

The actress evaded the question and limited the media to asking only about issues related to her new project.

“‘Swipe’ (swipe) so you can meet my girlfriend,” Danilo Carrera wrote on Instagram on March 14. “Don’t be jealous or criticize me because she’s only a few years older than me,” continued the Ecuadorian actor.

The text accompanied him with a series of photos with whom he called his “girlfriend”: it was the imposing Great Sphinx of Giza.

In addition, Danilo confessed that he did talk to a girl in Egypt and hinted that he gave her a ring: “We started talking and there was a girl i talked to the most than with the others. I’m not going to give details, but style that if they give you a ring that means something else“He said for TVyNovelas on March 23.

It was not until this month of March that the followers of the actors realized that they could have cut all ties, even the virtual one, after it transpired that they no longer follow each other on Instagram.


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This is how Michelle Renaud reacted when they told her about Danilo Carrera and the rumors of a new romance